My Weekly Update – NaNoWriMo +One Day



I won with 50,000 words on November 24th, 2013, but what I am most proud of, I finish the first draft of my novel in 30 days +1.  70,140 words in 31 days and the story shifted a bit from my outline, but it’s pretty cool and I am looking forward to letting it rest for a few months and getting back to it sometime next year.

If you want to read about my NaNo writing journey, check out my journal under the Sydney Writes tab or by clicking the winner badge to the left.

A special thank you to the Texas Rough Writers for their support and encouragement. This was the first WriMo where I was able to meet other writers face to face.

Another special shout out to the 2013 NaNoWriMo Support Group on Facebook. Great group of writers and there was always someone around to sprint with.

Now it’s time to get back to an old project.

Goals for December 

  • Implement beta readers suggestions into Another New Life.
  • Decide what project to work on during Editpalooza. I am leaning towards Inked (Camp Nano 2012) or I’m Coming Home (JuNoWriMo 2012).
  • Create an outline for second book to my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel while the characters are still fresh in my mind.

December 2013 Blog Schedule – Sydney

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 – Insecure Writer’s Support Group
Thursday to Sunday, December 5-8, 2013 – Dream Destination Bloghop
Friday, December 6, 2013 – Guest Post from Tara Tyler
Monday, December 9, 2013 – CheerFest 2.0 – Our Honree – Mr. Arlee Bird
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 – Beautiful Rose Guest Post
Monday, December 23, 2013 – 50 States of Prayer
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 – Goals (Review 2013’s and Set for 2014)

December 2013 Blog Schedule – The Peasant Revolt

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 – What is New Adult Post
Monday, December 16, 2013 – On Solid Ground Review

Important Note

Pitch Wars hosted by Brenda Drake – submissions are due on Monday, December 2, 2013. I won’t be participating, but it’s a great opportunity to get your pitch read by some great agents and editors.  Good luck!


Anyone every participated in Editpalooza? What bloghops are you participating in  this month? Are you submitting for Pitch Wars?

My Weekly Update – Followers

I enjoy getting new followers. It makes me smile. When I notice Mel Chesley was hosting a New Followers bloghop, I had to participate. Simple bloghop, add your name to the link and follow other blogs on the list.  I’m excited to make new friends.

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Post to Ponder

The Networking Introvert by R.C. Lewis – The online community can be quite supportive in person as well if given the chance.

Something Special for Writers by Angie Richmond – See what makes Angie want to dance around throwing skittles in the air.

I’m So Sick of Words by Elise Fallson – I read this post a few times this week. So relatable. Sometimes that’s how I feel about writing.

#JuNoWriMo Post to Ponder

Rules for #JuNoWriMo Sprints by Eden Mabee – Never participated in a word-sprint on Twitter, join Eden and the other JuNoWriMo sprint leaders (myself included) everyday this month under the #JuNoWriMo hashtag.

Sarah Chafin: #JuNoWriMo Interview by Fel Scotzig – See how Sarah combats writer’s block.

Coolest Thing

17667605The debut novel by Alessandra Thomas. I loved it. It was the coolest thing I read last week. I started it on Friday morning and had to finish it before going to bed on Saturday night.  It is a New Adult Romance where the heroine has body issues and the hero has a past to overcome and they have some really great sex scenes in the mix.  I don’t review books, but I do recommend. I loved this book.  Click on the book if your interested in purchasing this great read.

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Next Week’s Schedule
Tuesday – Tattoo Tuesday – A Tattoo to Celebrate a major life event. 
Thursday – The 5 Obstruction Blogathon – Really unique concept. 
*Short schedule this week. Busy with #JuNoWriMo.

My Weekly Update – It’s a New Day

I’ve been playing with my weekly line up and trying to create at schedule to include at least three weekly post consistently.  May still need a few more weeks to get organized, but I have some fun stuff planned for the future.

Flash 500

Flash 500 Cover

Nicole Pyles and Carrie K. Sorensen created this anthology based on their Wednesday Writer’s Blog Hop.  I took part in a few weeks and am happy to have four of my flash fiction pieces chosen for the anthology.  The blog hop happens every Wednesday and is a great way to get in some creative writing practice.  It also gave me a chance to try my hand at a few different genres.  Click on the cover to download the book for free and you can find my stories in the following weeks:

                        • Week of 5/9/2012
                        • Week of 5/16/2012
                        • Week of 5/23/2012
                        • Week of 6/6/2012

Post to Ponder

How to Use Your Logline, Tagline and Pitch to Create a Stronger Story by Marcy Kennedy a guest post on Jenny Hansen’s blog – I meet Jenny at #DFWcon and she was awesome.

How Does the Editing Process Work? by Tristi Pinkston, Editor – Interesting to hear how its done by a professional.

Jennifer Represents – cool agent blog (cool blog written by an agent) with great information.

Query Tip: Do Your Research by Ava Jae –

How to Write a Killer Pitch by Marcy Kennedy – Can you guess where I am at in this writing process?

Coolest Things – My chance to share with you some things I thought are pretty cool this week.

Iron Man 3 is finally available for our viewing and quoting pleasure. I loved it. I mentioned before Tony Stark is my favorite movie character of all times and he doesn’t disappoint. More on Tuesday when Sydney Quotes the Movies – Iron Man 3

Tiger Woods won The Player’s Championship yesterday.  His forth win this season.  He’s back.

Next Week’s Schedule
Tuesday – Sydney Quotes the Movies – Iron Man 3 – see the many sides of Tony Stark
Wednesday – Progressive Book Club – How to Write Good
Friday – Best & Worst Remake Blogfest

My Weekly Update – Future, Present and Return to the Past


A wise friend once told me not to make promises I can’t keep, not even to myself. I made some goals for myself at the beginning of the summer.  And, I did pretty good until August hit and then my life seemed to get caught in a tail spin.  Nothing tragic or anything, just out of my control.  I think I need to change my tactics.  So, here are my goals until my trip home on December 6th.

  1. Write for 2 hours per day.  Win Campnano.
  2. Sweat for 1 hour per day. Exercise in any form.
  3. Post on my blog 4 times per week.  Quality post, no fluff.
  4. Stop buying books until I read the ones I have.
  5. Pay off my credit card (3,012.05 down from 10,000.00 at the beginning of the year). Which means stop spending money. Which means, when I am bored, see 1-4. (READ, WRITE or SWEAT).

What do you do when you feel your life is going off track?    


The move to Shanghai is under way and I figured if I was going to be living in a new city, I should learn a little about it.  Five facts about my new home town:

  1. There are 23 million people in Shanghai. That’s a lot of people.
  2. 20,000 jews fled to Shanghai to escape the Nazis. I didn’t not know that.
  3. Parents still gather at the Shanghai Market with the resume of their unwed children in the hope of finding them a spouse.  I need to tell my mother. 
  4. KFC showed up in Shanghai 5 years before McDonalds.   I wonder if it’s real chicken. 
  5. There are 2.5 female toilets for every 1 male toilet and about 80% of public toilets are ‘squatters’. If you have never had to squat to pee, count yourself lucky.  

    Bonus:  I think I mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating.  My new home is a high rise apartment on top of a mall with a movie theater.  Sydney Quotes the Movies will get a boost in frequency.

Return to the Past – Blog Love Returns – The adventures of a single father and his 8 year old son and other really funny/amusing/sad/sexy stuff. – Author Phil Torcivia – “I’m one relationship disaster away from my third cat.” Another male blogger who writes about relationships and life and calls people on their stuff.  Really good writing.
Sevastian Winters – “Blue Print for Building a Better me” – Great lessons in this post. – “F-ck It” or A Treastise on Procrastination – I can procrastinate with the best of them, so Mike told me I needed to get to that point where I say “F-ck it” and get to writing. – Great post on “Why a Daily Routine is so important.” – I know you are probably thinking by now “Why does AM seem to have a mention every Sunday”, but what I can say, he writes quality.  I am all about quality.  ‘Wired Writers:  Why do Writers Drink so much Coffee?’ – No need to wonder any longer.  AM breaks it down.
Look at the guys representing.  
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Next Week’s Schedule
Monday – Guest Post on Tossing it Out – super excited about this.
Tuesday – Tattoo Tuesday
Friday – Blog Post
Sunday – My Weekly Update