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Alexei Karenin
Anna Karenina
Alexei Vronsky







My current WIP and NaNoWriMo project is about a love triangle.  And, so I get to write off my movie ticket for Anna Karenina as research.

I love period movies about society and scandal.  The way the people dressed and passed letter back and forth is romantic and mysterious, to me.

I also love the names:

  • Anna Kerenina
  • Count Alexei Vronsky
  • Baron Alexei Karenin
  • Countess Lydia
  • Princess Myagkaya
  • Countess Vronskaya (Vronsky’s mother – see how they did that)

What happen to those good old fashion counts and princesses?

And, I especially love the way they talk:

“I was eighteen when I got married, but it was not love.” – Anna

“Anna isn’t a criminal, but she broke the rules!” – on why Anna was shunned by society.

“Sensual desire indulged for its own sake is the misuse of something sacred.” – How romantic. Seriously.

“Your husband is a saint and we must all cherish him for Russia’s sake.” – Feeling guilty Anna?

“We are bound together by god and this can only be broken by a crime against god!” – Alexei trying to hold on to his wife.

“You may, by indiscretion, give the word occasion to talk about you.” – Alexei knew his beautiful wife might be prone to give into temptation.  He was trying to protect her.

“My wife is beyond reproach. After all, she is my wife.” – Alexei still protecting his wife.

“The man who can’t govern his wife, has gone as far as he can go in government.” – remember, this movie took place in 19th century Russia.

“There can be no peace for us, only misery, and the greatest happiness.” – isn’t that what love is all about.

“Romantic love will be the last delusion of the old order.” – So sad.

I enjoyed the movie and the innovative way Joe Wright filmed the movie as if it was a stage play.  Very clever and put a new spin on movie making that lately seems to be consumed with robots, CGI action and the military.

What did you think of Anna Karenina?  Do you enjoy movies like this and The Age of Innocence (in my top 5 and another good love triangle)? What are some of your favorite love triangle stories?

And, from this day forward, please refer to me as Countess Sydney Aaliyah.

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A to Z Challenge Interview

Hello Everybody,

Not quite back, yet.  I’ll resume full blog duties tomorrow, but had to share with you this interview I did for the A to Z Challenge website. Ninja Captain Alex interviewed me about my A to Z Challenge last year. My theme was Australia.

Please check out the interview and let me know you think.

And, start thinking about your theme for next years A to Z Challenge.

What will your theme be for 2013?

Quick Blog Break

I didn’t want my friends out there to freakout like they did on Tina here.

I am taking a break for a few days in order to complete some projects that will put me back on track for the end of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy last few days of NaNoWrimo.

Tina’s Groove by Rina Piccolo

See you on November 28th.

Tattoo Tuesday – Ava (Jordanna East)erby

I am so excited to introduce you all to Ava (Jordanna East)erby – love her name.

Five Questions: 

1.  How old where you when you got your first tattoo? I was 16. The legal age you can get a tattoo is 18, but if you have a parent/guardian sign a waiver you can have one done at 16. The deal was I had to continue to keep my grades up and it had to be done in a location where it would never be seen at school. My mother took me to the tattoo shop, signed the form, and left to get her hair done. Yes, she LEFT! I was alone with a 300lb man covered in tats for my very first tattoo. I impressed him though. He said he’s had grown men not sit still for the entire duration of a tattoo. That day I got a black and gray tiger on my upper back holding a red rose in its mouth. It’s kind of faded now, so I’ll be having it touched up and incorporated into the large back/rib piece that I have planned.

2.  What made you want to get your first tattoo? I grew up rather self-conscious of my body, but as I grew into it, I wanted to celebrate it. I wanted to adorn it, like a new home. I got my belly-button pierced the year before (also signed for, haha), then I graduated to tattoos.

3.  How many tattoos do you have? 6/7. Weird answer, right? If someone else is looking at me, it appears I have 6 (both wrists, upper arm, upper back, lower back, and hip), but one of my wrists is actually two tattoos. While in Tahiti, my husband and I got traditional Polynesian tattoos; mine was a Polynesian gecko around my wrist. When we returned to the states, I had my artist add several Tiare flowers around it, the Tahitian national flower.

4.  What is your tattoo story? If you have more then one tattoo, tell me your most recent or your favorite tattoo. My most recent tattoo is the one described above. My favorite tattoo is my arm. I originally had a paw print and a nickname from my youth. It was an awful piece of crap. My current artist covered it up with a Bengal tiger and several tiger lillies. If you’re looking for it you can still see the paw print and, believe it or not, I like that.

5.  Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike?  Why? Love! So much in fact that my ex got a tribal sleeve done to try to impress me. But he ended up passing out as soon as the needle touched him. Very embarassing. But my darling Hubby-pants has several, with plans to get more. I really want him to get wording around his collar bone. That’s the sexiest tattoo a man can get. Doesn’t even matter what it says. It could say something about green eggs and ham for all I care. (You hear that Hubby-pants?!)

Bio: Jordanna East is currently working on her first novel, Blood in the Paint, as well as its prequel novella, Blood in the Past, due out in March 2013 (with the novel to follow in Summer 2013). She lives in New Jersey with her awesome-sauce husband and their freakish love of sports. She looks forward to at least four more tattoos. Don’t worry, it’s just art.

Connect with Ava at: 
Blog:  Journey of Jordanna East
Twitter:  @jordannaeast
Facebook: Jordannaeast

Thanks so much Ava. Beautiful ink.  If you would like to be featured on Tattoo Tuesday, leave me a message in the comments.  

Post Apocalyptic 1950’s – The Fitzroy – A SQM Special Report

For those of you new to my word, SQM stands for Sydney Quotes the Movies.  Every long running feature deserves its own catchy acronym.

I am fascinated by submarines.  The idea of living in a metal canister with artificial air for months at a time underwater is scary and cool all at the same time.  I love submarine shows(Last Resort) and movies (Crimson Tide), too.

I have even had the opportunity to tour the USS Dolphin in San Diego.

So, when I heard about this new film, I wanted to help spread the word.

Welcome to The Fitzroy:

Meet our Hero – Bernard The Bellboy

Meet the rest of the Characters

The Story

The Fitzroy is a live action black comedy set in an alternative, post-apocalyptic, 1950’s.  The Fitzroy hotel, a derelict submarine beached just off Margate, is the last place for a traditional summer holiday.

Bernard, the hotel’s overworked and under-appreciated bellboy, faces a constant battle to keep the rusting hotel afloat and ship shape.  But when he falls in love with one of the guest, the murderous femme fatale Sonya, he is thrown into a world of lies, chaos and literal backstabbing.

Read the Quotes

“Well you’ve got the beach, bit cold this time of year but still nice. Just stay way from the sewage outlet.”  – Bernard
“A business partner, a co-owner, a lover. Whatever you want to call me.” – Sonya
“MURDER. “Murder” – you say it just like that, like it’s nothing, just murder that’s all. Murder.” – Bernard (I think I am going to like Bernard)

Meet the Film Makers

James Heath, Andrew Harmer & Liam Garvo

Get Involved

The shooting production budget for The Fitzroy is £50,000. They are looking to raise £60,000 through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, which, once Kickstater’s fee and the reward costs are removed, should leave them with £50,000. Opportunely, Kickstarter UK launched on the 31st October just in time for The Fitzroy campaign.

Kickstarter is the best-recognised and most respected crowdfunding website. It’s full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others. Since their launch in 2009, over $350 million has been pledged by more than 2.5 million people, funding more than 30,000 creative projects.

Kickstarter link:
Twitter: @the_fitzroy
For more information, download The Fitzroy Press Kit