Z – Zzzz or the End

a-to-z-letters-zWhy does Z stand for sleep. I am getting quite sleepy right now just think about it. While I would love to take a break and get some sleep, but I can’t. I have way to much to do. To many things are coming up. Z also stands for the end, the final, the last. For my last post of the A to Z challenge, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite post from A to Z:

A – Avengers, Captain America and As I Am by Alex Cavanaugh – Come on, it’s a post about the Avengers. Nothing more needs to be said. 

B – Best Crying Scenes in a Movie at World of My Imagination – The Steel Magnolia and Pursuit of Happiness scenes get me every time.

C – Getting too Comfortable by BDevereaux – Don’t get to comfortable

D – Disaster Movies at Tossing it Out – Some of my favorites are on this list, Titanic, 2012, Poseidon Adventure

E – Energize Yourself to Write at World of My Imagination – How do you do it?

F – F is for Fear at Scribbling in the Storage Room – “The enemy of creativity.”

G – A Grown-up Kind of Pretty by Tasha Seegmiller – on my to read list

H – How to Be a Good House Guest at Laugh-Quotes.com – read before you visit someones house

I – I is for Imagination at Tasha’s Thinkings – Synonymous with being a writer

J – Joy at Spunk on a Stick – You can’t steal mine. 

K – K is for King at The View Outside – my favorite author

L – L is for The Lincoln Memorial by Lara Lacombe- my favorite monument in DC

M – Memento by Alex Cavanaugh – Also includes the sign up for Alex’s Best and Worst Movies Remakes Blogfest, which is coming up on May 17th.

N – Never-ending at Wrote by Rote – Is your love never ending?

O – Oxford Comma by Margo Kelly – All you need to know about the dreaded comma.

P – A-Z Geek (P): The Favorites by Lynda R. Young – Prince Bride, enough said.

Q – Querying at My First Book – You can’t read enough about how to query.

R – What Makes Us Right? at The Madlab Post – Fair Game illustrates the point well. 

S – Sigma at Tara Tyler Talk – Great tips on show. 

T – The Time Traveler’s Wife by Tasha Seegmiller – On my to read list

U – Unified Theory of Writing at Moody Writing – Do you agree? 

V – V is for Villain (Best Movie Villains of All Time) by Reese Ryan – Who are  your favorite villains? 

W – W is for The White House, the Washington Monument and the World War Memorials by Lara Lacombe – Have you been to DC? 

X – X is for Project X at Blogging from A to Z – I have a project X, do you? 

Y – Y is for Young Ladies of Substance at Pensuasion – Love Jo March from Little Women the best. 

Z – Z is for Zola at The View Outside – Have you read Emile Francois Zola?

Thank goodness, I finished the A to Z Challenge. How did you do? What were some of your favorite post? 

Y – Yard Sale

a-to-z-letters-yYard sales are big business in my neck of the woods. I gather a years worth of crap that my parents and I have stored in the garage. Pull it all out into the front yard.  Slap a price on it and then watch them swarm.  It doesn’t take any advertising at all, people spend their Saturday mornings trolling the area looking for the discarded junk of strangers.  It is amazing to me.

This year I had a funny request:

“Do you have wires?
“What kind of wires?”
“Any kind of wires? Phone wires? Computer wires? Chicken wire?”
“I have computer wires and phone wires, but they go with the computer and phone I am selling.”
“Well, how much is the computer and phone?”
“Computer 25 and phone is 5.”
“I’ll take it.”
He handed me 30 dollars, gathered his wires and started to walk away.
“Wait, you forgot your computer and phone.”
“I told you, I just need the wires.”
Great, now how am I going to explain what happened to the wires when I try and sell the computer and phone, again.

Check out my yard sale:

IMG_0340 IMG_0342








This the garage the night before.

IMG_0348 IMG_0345








The yard the next day.  We earned 486.00 on this stuff.  I should quit my day job and do yard sales full time.

Do you hold an annual yard sale or garage sale?  Do you ever buy stuff from yard sales? 




X – Marks the Spot

a-to-z-letters-xI know the X is the A to Z nemesis, but I think I have a good take on X. X Marks the Spot. I thought I would share with you a few places in my past that were the center of my universe.

First, my high school. Plano Senior High School. Here ‘s a little story about my high school.


As I sit in Vogueing Corner (we were weird kids), contemplating my place in the inner circle I helped create, it hit me. Dude, your in high school. Relax.


That kind of explained my high school years. Straight edged rebellious fun peppered with quantum life contemplations and pretending to understand what a statement like ‘quantum life contemplations’ means. We always felt a little superior to those around us.  We were a group of amazing, beautiful and creative people and I am blessed to still be able to call on them for some fact checking and recommendations.

DSC02387 DSC02396 DSC02382


Second, Park & Preston. Heres a little story about the intersection of Park and Preston, in Plano, Texas.

From the age of 13 – 18, I darted back and forth across Park & Preston sometimes several times in one day. The Chili’s was on one side of the street. The movie theater on the other. Actually, there was a movie theater on both sides and a pizza place, too. My first job at Kroger was on that intersection along with my best friends job at the movie theater, my other best friends job was at Subway and my other best friends worked at the McDonalds on the corner. No wonder I have a problem with sitting still for any length of time.  We darted back and forth and back and forth, again. I should be grateful to have had a lot of experience navigating, darting traffic and learning when to stop, when to walk and when to run for my life. 

DSC02291 DSC02294

These two spots were my life from the age of 13-18 and then I left home, but when I look back and think about those times, you know what. I can’t complain. I had it pretty good.

Do you have fond memories of your adolescents years?

W – Klyde Warren Park

a-to-z-letters-wI had never heard of the Warren family until I did some research on this park.  Apparently, he is one of our wealthiest residents and he named this really cool park in downtown Dallas after his 9 year old son.  What a stud that kids must be in elementary school? “Hey girl, let me show you my park.”

Klyde Warren Park is a 5.2 acre park in downtown Dallas. Again, part of the revitalization of the area.  10 years ago, downtown Dallas was a ghost town on weekends, this is what it look liked last Saturday.

DSC02344 DSC02343 DSC02358


And, I had my first food truck experience. The food was amazing.

DSC02347 DSC02349

I can’t wait to spend more time in the park. I picture myself sitting at these tables and writing the next great American novel.  The whole park has free wifi.DSC02350

Or maybe work on my music. They have a outdoor library, too.

DSC02357So, if your looking for me this summer, you can probably find me at Klyde Warren Park? 

V – Victory Park

a-to-z-letters-vVictory is a fairly new area in downtown Dallas.  It was a project to revitalize the downtown area. It began with the American Airlines Arena and off of that they build the W Hotel and several high rise condo’s.  In the center of it all is Victory Plaza.


My top 10 things to do list in Victory Park:

  1. Catch a game – Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks play in the Double AC (that’s what the locals call it).
  2. See a concert at the House of Blues.
  3. Experience New Years Eve, I’ve heard it’s like Time Square, but with fewer people.
  4. Go to the Bliss Spa in the W Hotel
  5. Have drinks at Dick’s Last Resort
  6. Have a buffalo chicken sandwich and curly fries at Hooter’s
  7. Hike the Katy Trail
  8. Have a margarita at Luna De Noche
  9. Check out the music memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafe
  10. Watch a 1310 The Ticket Broadcast – 1310 The Ticket was the first all sport radio station in the US.  They have been on the air since 1994 and have a line up of guys, most who have been with the station since it’s inception.  If you listen to them for the first time, you wonder why it’s a sports station, but keep listening and you will get it.
The Show and it’s characters: 
The Musers – George Dunham aka Jub Jub, Craig Miller, aka Junior, Gordon Keith aka The Great Gordo 
Can’t Miss Segment:  Muse in the News, the Fake Jerry Jones and the Fake Tiger Woods
The Norm Hitzges Show – Norm Hitzges is a local legend
Bad Radio – Bob Sturm, Dan McDowell and Donovan Lewis
Can’t Miss Segment:  Gay Not Gay and any story Dan tells about he and his wife’s sex life. 
The Hardline – Mike Rhyner aka The Old Grey Wolf & Corby Davidson aka the snake
Can’t Miss Segment – Entertainment News for You, What’s on Mike’s Mind and Community Quick Hits
I laugh out loud all day listening to them.





Only 3 more days of A to Z Challenge, hang in there and visit more blogs.