Tattoo Tuesday – Kristen Strassel



I loved this tattoo story because it shows you can cover a bad tattoo, but still hold on to the cool tattoo memory.

Kristen, your five questions start now:

1.   How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
Seventeen. Same day as I took my SATs. Tattoo parlors weren’t legal in Massachusetts yet, so a friend of mine heard about a home party an artist from New Hampshire was hosting. A bunch of us got appointments, and got inked. Two of my friends and I went together, we’re the only girls there, besides the artist’s mother, who owns the house. The place is full of biker dudes. We waited our turn, sitting at the kitchen table with the artist’s mom, who was a cute little old lady, drinking coffee and eating cake while she helped us pick out tattoos.
2.     How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more? 
Four. Everyone I still talk to that went to that party have had that party tattoo covered, including me. I have a flower anklet covering my first tattoo, a hummingbird above it, and leopard print on my other ankle. I may get another, this time on my shoulder.
3.     What inspired you to get your first tattoo or favorite tattoo?  Tell me your tattoo story.
Like I said above, that first tat had to GO. When I lived in California, I told a friend that I wanted to get it covered, and she literally pulled a U-turn in the middle of a busy road and brought me straight to Huntington Beach Tattoo. I told them I wanted a flower anklet, and they handed me a botany book. I picked hibiscus, because they were my grandmother’s favorite flower (and back to that eventful first tattoo…my mom said I could get a tattoo, because she thought I’d chicken out. Imagine her surprise when I came back inked. All she had for me was, “Now go show your grandmother.” Damn it. So I headed in to the living room, announced my that I got a tattoo, and my grandmother LIKED it. My poor mother misjudged both of us.), and California poppies, because I got it in California.

4.     Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why?   
Yes. Within reason, of course. I like nice ink. On anyone. I’m a little judgy when it comes to tattoos, so if it looks like someone’s cellmate inked it with a hot piece of metal and pen ink, yuck. I like well thought out tattoos. Even my leopard print means something to me (which if you know me, you know it’s my favorite color, it’s a neutral, and it goes with everything.). When people just start getting dumb tattoos in rapid succession, no thank you. And you know those people…the ones who go from nothing to thirty-two tattoos in nine months.
5.     Do the characters in your books have tattoos? If so, pick a character and tell me his or her tattoo story? Why was this story incorporated in the book? 
Tristan, who is my male love interest in Because the Night and the upcoming We Own the Night, has a full sleeve. Tristan can be extremely impulsive, a dance on the edge kind of guy, but he’s also pretty thoughtful. We never quite get the story of why he chose his sleeve, because the story is not told from his POV and Callie never asks, only admires it, but here’s what she says:

“The images danced together, the sky and heavens peeked from beneath his short sleeve, weaving into goddesses and stars, bursting into flames around his wrist. It looked the story of his life.”

Love her description of Tristan’s tattoo. Thanks so much Kristen. 
If you want to learn more about Kristen, check out her stuff: 
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Night Moves on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Book Blitz – Check by Jennifer Jamelli

Synopsis:  Checked is the first book in a new trilogy.Checked

Callie spends countless hours staring at appliances to make sure they are really unplugged. She wastes obscene amounts of time checking for murderers in various corners of her house and entire sleepless nights performing pointless checking rituals. Then every spare minute is filled with inspecting doorknobs, chairs, floors, etc. for minuscule traces of germs. Oh, and she does all of this as she counts to three over and over again in her head. She does this every day. Without fail. Dr. Blake just doesn’t fit into her schedule. Until he does. Until Callie begins to trust him. Until she starts to need him. And want him. And . . .

Checked Promo 1


Calista. That quiet voice pulls me around yet again.

I freeze. He’s looking at me. Sorrowful eyes…heavy…inconsolable. A tragedy in blue.

I can’t look away. I begin to feel a dull ache in my left side. {Damien Rice fills my head with “The Blower’s Daughter.”}

His eyes hold mine. They are relentless. The sharpening pain in my side weighs me down, cementing my shoes to their place on the floor. My lips part slightly as my body tries to remember to breathe.

In slow motion almost, he releases me, closing his eyes and clenching them shut. The blue eyes that open back up to me are hard, stony.

He swiftly spins his chair to grab the box of tissues on his bookshelf. Without meeting my eyes, he turns back around and holds the box out to me.

To help you out of here, he says in an almost inaudible voice. What?

Th-thank you, I stammer. I clutch my purse and take six slow steps toward his desk. Three steps at a time. One two three. One two three.

He stares past me, blankly looking at the door. I pull three white tissues from the box he’s holding and turn back to his point of focus. When I get to the silver doorknob, I quickly cover it with the three tissues spread out in my left hand.

And I’m out.


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JenniferAuthor Bio:
Jennifer Jamelli has spent most of her life reading and writing; she holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English, and she is an 8th grade English teacher.

She also directs a musical production each school year. Her most recent show was Beauty and the Beast.

Jennifer lives with her husband and her four-year-old son.

She, like the main character in her debut novel, has a rather hopeless case of OCD.

Website Twitter | Goodreads Facebook


Tattoo Tuesday – @AliciaKobishop



Gather around, everyone. I have another #TattooTuesday Author to share:

Welcome Alicia, your five questions start now:

1.   How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
I got it on my 18th birthday.
2.     How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more? 
I have one tattoo. Through the years, I’ve thought about getting more, and I’ve even come close a few times. But to me, a tattoo has to feel right, and I haven’t had that “just right” feeling since my first tattoo.
3.     What inspired you to get your first tattoo or favorite tattoo?  Tell me your tattoo story.

For me, getting a tattoo was a symbol of independence. I left home at the age of 17 because, to put it bluntly, I didn’t want to follow the house rules. However, even though I worked hard, and took good care of myself, a 17 year old is not considered a legal adult which means she can’t do things like get apartments…or tattoos. Turning 18 was a huge sigh of relief for me and what better way to celebrate the milestone by doing something I couldn’t legally do the day before.

As far as the design…I had wanted it for years. I was a HUGE Guns N Roses fan as a kid, and as cheesy as this sounds, and as embarrassed I am to admit it, when I saw the tattoo that Stephanie Seymore had around her ankle in GNR’s November Rain video, I knew wanted to get something similar. But I never had a fake ID as a teen and the possibility of my parents taking me to get one was clearly zero. So, I waited. And the urge never went away. Finally, I turned 18, and I took my friend Susan with me to a tattoo parlor (she got a panther tattoo). After searching through their design books, and not finding exactly what I was looking for, I described my idea to the artist, who brought it to life on paper…and later my ankle. 🙂

4.     Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why?   

That entirely depends on what the tattoo is, and where it’s located on their body. I strongly believe that the tattoos people decide to get say a lot about who they are.

As far as couple tattoos…I’m all for them! But I think it’s important that the couple has passed the two-year mark (or more). I read somewhere that the “newness” of a relationship wears off by two years…after that time, it’s either gonna work, or it’s not gonna work, and usually the couple knows exactly how they feel by that point (even if they are denying it!). Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but if they know they’re going to be together forever, it doesn’t hurt to wait a few years to declare your love for each other to the world with a permanent symbol like a tattoo.

That being said, my 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up in August, and my husband and I have thrown around the idea of honoring the occasion with couple tattoos. It’s not for sure yet, but we’ll see what happens…

5.     Do the characters in your books have tattoos? If so, pick a character and tell me his or her tattoo story? Why was this story incorporated in the book? 
The only character in The Fine Line that has tattoos is Matt, who is an auto mechanic and part-time bouncer. Matt is tough as nails on the outside, and wants the world to know it (hence the tattoos and bulging muscles), but has a heart of gold and would do anything for his friends. Matt is a supporting character.
Thanks so much Alicia

If you want to learn more about Alicia, check out her stuff: 
The Fine Line
The Fine Line official Blurb/Synopsis:
High school senior Liv Evans has one rule: No attachments. She’s lost enough in her life and has vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure she never again feels the emptiness of losing someone she loves. Boys are a fun distraction, but a serious relationship is something she’d rather live without. Her determination for a future free of pain and heartbreak is put to the test when she meets–and quickly forms an unexpected bond–with Logan Tanner.Logan has always been a free spirit, but ever since a life-changing event took place, which left him doubting the integrity of those who are closest to him, he’s taken that term to a whole new dangerous level. Learning the hard way that life is too short for worries or work–and that women can’t be trusted–Logan has exchanged steady work for street racing. When Liv walks into his world, everything he thought he knew about life and women is challenged.

In The Fine Line, Liv and Logan will discover if it’s possible for true love to have a future, or if history is destined to repeat itself.

Available on Amazon!
If you have a tattoo story to share, leave me a note in the comments. 


Cover Reveal – All Broke Down by @CoraCarmack

We are so excited to get to share the cover for Cora Carmack’s ALL BROKE DOWN today! A New Adult Contemporary Romance, and published by William Morrow-an imprint of HarperCollins, this is the second book in her Rusk University Series, and it is set to be released on October 28, 2014! But you can pre-order it NOW! Check out what it’s about and then fall in love with this gorgeous cover!


In this second book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack’s New Adult, Texas-set Rusk University series, which began with All Lined Up, a young woman discovers that you can’t only fight for what you believe in . . . sometimes you have to fight for what you love

Dylan fights for lost causes. Probably because she used to be one.

Environmental issues, civil rights, corrupt corporations, and politicians—you name it, she’s probably been involved in a protest. When her latest cause lands her in jail overnight, she meets Silas Moore. He’s in for a different kind of fighting. And though he’s arrogant and infuriating, she can’t help being fascinated with him. Yet another lost cause.

Football and trouble are the only things that have ever come naturally to Silas. And it’s trouble that lands him in a cell next to do-gooder Dylan. He’s met girls like her before—fixers, he calls them, desperate to heal the damage and make him into their ideal boyfriend. But he doesn’t think he’s broken, and he definitely doesn’t need a girlfriend trying to change him. Until, that is, his anger issues and rash decisions threaten the only thing he really cares about, his spot on the Rusk University football team. Dylan might just be the perfect girl to help.

Because Silas Moore needs some fixing after all.

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Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

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And don’t forget to grab your copy of ALL LINED UP Today!

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HeadshotAbout Cora Carmack:

Cora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She’s done a multitude of things in her life– boring jobs (like working retail), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it. Awkward people need love, too. Her first book, LOSING IT, was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

Website ** Twitter ** Facebook

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Tattoo Tuesday – @EmilyRPearson


I’m so excited to present to some, introduce to others Ms. Emily R. Pearson. Her novel Two Steps Back will be released on Friday, July 11, 2014.

Emily, your four questions start now:

1.   How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. I actually designed it for my dad who passed away when I was 8. I went to a local shop a couple months in advance with my design and they took it and completely vamped it up for me.
2.     How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more?
I have 4. I have a star on my foot and plan on adding to it. The star is because of the moment in The Lion King when Mufasa and Simba talk about all the kings of the past being stars in the sky. I also have the word ‘inspire’ that matches a close friend of mine’s as well. I have that tattoo for my dad and then I have a tattoo for my writing that I just got last month. It’s the quote I use to sign my books with; “Never let the past get in the way of your future.”
I have plans for many more 🙂
3.     What inspired you to get your first tattoo or favorite tattoo?  Tell me your tattoo story.
My first tattoo is my favorite one. It’s for my daddy and it holds a special place in my heart. If you look at the picture, you’ll see the wings are blue and green. That’s because my dad had a green eye and a blue eye. The antlers are obvious; he was a hunter. The barbed wire is actually a funny story. When I was little, I took a barbed wire fence out with my eye. I still have the scar to prove it. We were out of town because my dad and his friends were putting on a fireworks show and when he saw my battle wound, he tried to take me to the hospital instead of putting on his show. I told him I wanted to see the pretty lights so he cleaned me up and called me his champ. This tattoo means so much to me.

4.     Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why?   
Of course I like! Tattoo’s are hot! They aren’t required though. I love that someone can tell a story on their body though. That’s what makes tattoo’s special to me. It’s not just a fashion statement. It’s a story. I love stories, obviously!
I have several more planned myself. 🙂 Thanks so much Emily. 
If you want to learn more about Emily, check out her stuff: 
Check out her work:
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I am hanging out with Emily this Friday for her Two Steps Back Release Day Facebook Party, be sure to stop by. There will be giveaways and prizes all day.
If you have a tattoo story to share, leave me a note in the comments.