My Weekly Update – It’s a New Day

I’ve been playing with my weekly line up and trying to create at schedule to include at least three weekly post consistently.  May still need a few more weeks to get organized, but I have some fun stuff planned for the future.

Flash 500

Flash 500 Cover

Nicole Pyles and Carrie K. Sorensen created this anthology based on their Wednesday Writer’s Blog Hop.  I took part in a few weeks and am happy to have four of my flash fiction pieces chosen for the anthology.  The blog hop happens every Wednesday and is a great way to get in some creative writing practice.  It also gave me a chance to try my hand at a few different genres.  Click on the cover to download the book for free and you can find my stories in the following weeks:

                        • Week of 5/9/2012
                        • Week of 5/16/2012
                        • Week of 5/23/2012
                        • Week of 6/6/2012

Post to Ponder

How to Use Your Logline, Tagline and Pitch to Create a Stronger Story by Marcy Kennedy a guest post on Jenny Hansen’s blog – I meet Jenny at #DFWcon and she was awesome.

How Does the Editing Process Work? by Tristi Pinkston, Editor – Interesting to hear how its done by a professional.

Jennifer Represents – cool agent blog (cool blog written by an agent) with great information.

Query Tip: Do Your Research by Ava Jae –

How to Write a Killer Pitch by Marcy Kennedy – Can you guess where I am at in this writing process?

Coolest Things – My chance to share with you some things I thought are pretty cool this week.

Iron Man 3 is finally available for our viewing and quoting pleasure. I loved it. I mentioned before Tony Stark is my favorite movie character of all times and he doesn’t disappoint. More on Tuesday when Sydney Quotes the Movies – Iron Man 3

Tiger Woods won The Player’s Championship yesterday.  His forth win this season.  He’s back.

Next Week’s Schedule
Tuesday – Sydney Quotes the Movies – Iron Man 3 – see the many sides of Tony Stark
Wednesday – Progressive Book Club – How to Write Good
Friday – Best & Worst Remake Blogfest

What is Going on in that Place?


Central park was unusually loud on 5th Avenue at this hour, Alana noticed. The park side of the street was crowded and she was having trouble getting into a rhythm on her morning jog.  She couldn’t remember ever having to dodge people like this at 6 am.

At 82nd Street, Alana barely missed running over a man who was sitting on the sidewalk crying. He was in an old dusty grey suit.  Strange.

Alana decided to slow down and walk until she could continue her run at the 72nd street entrance to the park.

Moving through the crowd, Alana began to notice that the people in the crowd were not dressed appropriate for the time of day or the weather.  It was November.  Everyone was dress for summer. They looked like they were going to a garden party.  To Alana, they looked happy and drunk.

As Alana passed by, a handsome man gave out a chuckle.  The man looked like an extra from the party scene in The Great Gatsby.  He was talking to two women. Both were stunning, in ankle length sun dress with big yellow, purple and pink flowers on them.

“The lights. Did you see the lights?” One women said.
“The music was phenomenal.” The guy with the smart looks and loud laugh said.
“I loved the food.” the other women said, “I hope we can go back.”

Suddenly an elderly women interrupted the three hipsters.

‘That women looks like my grandmother,’ Alana thought to herself.

“You can’t go back in.  They never let you back in.” The old women was dressed in a similar dress as the two young ladies.  But, where they looked like they were ready for a fashion photo shoot about the 1920’s, the elderly women looked like she had been wearing her clothes since 1920.   The only reason Alana recognized the dress was because the large colorful flowers were still visible on the faded fabric.

Alana continued on towards where the crowd was entering Central Park.

A younger women grabbed Alana’s arm, “Have you seen it?”

“Seen what?” The women lead Alana to the park entrance.  As they turned the corner, Alana saw it.

It was magnificent.  It was a castle. A castle in the middle of central park. Alana had taken this route many times and she was sure that it had not been there before.

The women let go of Alana’s arm and took off towards the castle.

Most people walking towards it were like Alana, mesmerized and curious.  Those walking away were drunk and happy, but those who had been before, just stood around looking old and angry, like the old women and the old man crying on the street.  Angry and desperate to get back in.

jet flew overhead confusing Alana.  You don’t hear jet engines overhead in New York City.  Which made Alana realize she wasn’t in New York anymore.

“What is going on in that place?” Alana said.

My Weekly Update – Junowrimo, Job and Just Freakin Cool


Going into week three, I have a handle on JuNoWriMo. In fact, I am kicking junowrimo’s butt.  And, I am pretty excited about it.  I am over 40,000 words in 16 days.  I have about 20,000 words to go before I finish my 1st draft of my 1st novel.  That is my new goal for June.

It hasn’t been easy.  Far from it, but what I am most please about it my preparation has paid off.  Even when I though I would run out of story, taking a day to step back and review my outline revealed that the story wasn’t supposed to end where I originally thought. It just transformed the story even further and I love it even more.

Lessons learned, preparation is key, but being open to new ideas and adjusting you plan my reveal something better.

Favorite passage written last week was this toast that John makes in front of his best friend and Sydney’s brother about how they are going to maintain their relationship when Sydney goes back to China:

“7 days ago, I meet this girl and instantly knew that I had to get to know her.  There was just something about her, that I am still trying to figure out.” Looking at Sydney, John continued. ” Now I don’t know whether it was God, the universe, karma, Budda or The Force, but something in this world has saw fit to bring us into each other lives and I think that force has earned our respect.” Sydney had no idea where John was going with this little speech or declaration, but she was all ears.
“I am not typically one to just let things happen and we all know Sydney has to know the answers to everything before the questions are even asked.  But, baby you can’t research the outcome of this one.  All we can do is trust that the force that brought us together will keep up together.  Even when we are miles apart.” to Kevin and Dennis, “And, that the people who love us the most will remind us if we try and take control this love thing.”

*Now this is unedited, but does it make sense?  Let me know.


There is one definition of the word job that says, “Anything a person is expected or obliged to do; a duty; a responsibility. That is how I have been think of my writing lately and I am happy to report that it has transformed not only my attitude, but the quality of my writing as well.

Now, no one wants to be obligated to do something, but if you think about it.  There are obligations and responsibilities that we take on in our paying jobs every day.  We do them because we want to get a pay check, we want to get a good review, we want to move up and be recognized for a job well done.

Well that is the same with my writing “job”.  Although I don’t get a paycheck for it.  I have an obligation and a responsibility to not waste this gift.  I have a responsibility to myself to respect the time I have dedicated to this so far and to my blog readers and fellow writers who are so supportive and who have given me great advice.

So, writing is my job and finally, I have a job a love.

Just Freakin Cool New Followers

*If I missed someone, sorry and thank you.

This Weeks Schedule

Monday – Junowrimo Participant Interview – James Eggebeen – He has already hit 50,000 words. 
Tuesday – Movie Quotes
Wednesday – Writer Wednesday Blog Hop – the photo this week is so cool.
Friday – Junowrimo Participant Interview – EM Castellan
Sunday – My Weekly Update

I Hope It’s Worth the Wait

Manners Pen Chameleon Birthday Thermometer

“I hope it’s worth the wait.” Emilynn said to John before he boarded the plane.  “It will be. Trust me.” John gave her a kiss.  It was a ‘I am going out for milk’ kiss, not a ‘I will be in Africa for 6 months’ kiss.  This was all new for us.

When he first told her about his plan, she was supportive.   She had to be.  It was the first time he had actually had the courage to do what he wanted.

Emilynn and John had grown up together.  They were elementary school sweethearts.  As long as she had know John, he had always been concerned with what others thought.

His friends used to tease him because he was the first one to get serious about a girl. So, he would down play their relationship in front of them.  But, Emilynn knew the truth.  John loved her since the second grade.

His mother thought he was to young to be so serious about a girl, so their plan to get married after high school were postponed.  “What was the hurry anyway, right?” John said. “We will be together forever.”

His dad wanted him be able to take care of himself before taking on a wife, so he enlisted in the army and the wedding was put off again.

It pained Emilynn to watch John change his own thoughts and beliefs much like a chameleon changed his colors to blend in with his environment.  John just wanted to please everyone.  He didn’t want to stand out.  He didn’t want the people he cared most about to be disappointed in him.

That was why this news was such a shock to everyone.  When he told his mom she went and got a thermometer to make sure he wasn’t sick.

The pressure from his family and friends and probably a little from Emilynn had been building up for a while.  The pressure finally forced John to take some time to decide what he really wanted for himself.  Why that had to happen all the way in Africa, Emilynn wasn’t quite sure.  But, it was what John needed to do.

John had told Emilynn on her birthday.  He was so excited.  Emilynn couldn’t help but be happy for him.

He had given her a pen.  “What is this for?” Emilynn asked.

“Write me.” He said.  He thought he was being clever.  They both loved the movie Say Anything, but John never did quite get the significance of why Diane gave Lloyd the pen.

She couldn’t fault him, though.  It would have been bad manners on her part.  He was trying.  And, she knew he needed this.  So, she was going to be supportive and wait. Wait for him to come back as the man she knew he wanted to be and not the man that everyone expected him to be.

Emilynn had been waiting all her life for John.  She was banking on the real him being worth the wait.

My Weekly Update – Just Write!


It was really all about writing last week.  I have been debating whether to release any excerpts from my WIP from Junowrimo.  But, it just isn’t ready yet.  Or, to be honest, I am not ready,yet.  However, to avoid being labeled a big tease, I will give you a little insight into my first novel.

Tentative Title:  I’m Coming Home

Main Character’s Loves and Hates:

Sydney Smith (I know, I really need to change her name.  This isn’t an autobiography. May change it to Emilynn) – More on her description later.

Loves:  writing, traveling, tattoos, mexican food and days where no one telling her what to do or asking her to do stuff for them.

Hates:  Negative people and people who make statements about people that sound like a compliment, but are actual an insult.  Ex: When Sydney ask her boss, Linda what she thinks for the new guy she meets, Linda said, “John is really friendly, he flirts with everyone.”

John Alexander Osha, IV – think of Bryan Greenberg’s character in Prime mixed with Jude Law charm (without the English accent)

Loves: computers, playing golf, watching basketball, hip hop and cute girls with tattoos

Hates:  Girls who don’t realize how amazing they are and people who have an over exaggerated sense of themselves.

Linda Ryder – Picture a mix of Chris Everett Lloyd’s athleticism on Kim Zolciak from Real House Wives of Atlanta body.  Fake hair included.

Loves: expensive stuff, young men, and being famous

Hates:  Buying things on sale, procratination in others (has no issue doing it herself), and people who don’t give her credit.

Trina Watson – Picture your best friend who always tells you the truth.

Loves: her cousin, telling the truth and alcohol which she can’t have because she is 5 months pregnant.

Hates:  Sydney’s boss, Linda

Alex James Ryder – good looking guy who doesn’t think he is (don’t you hate those types).  A voice of reason; clean cut golf pro type.  Addias golf shirt and pants by day.  T-shirts and cargo shorts by night.

Likes:  teaching golf, playing golf, talking about golf, watching golf, his friends and the F – word

Hates:  people who are dishonest and people who take life too seriously

Setting: New Orleans, Louisiana – specifically at a golf course and in several locations in the French Quarter

Genre:  I have no idea.  I do know it is not science fiction or horror. Two people fall in love in the midsts of some funny  situations and someone doesn’t want them to be together.  You tell me?

 Ok, that is all that I am authorized to reveal at this time.  Maybe more next week.

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop

I decided to base a short story on my novel for Writer Wednesday Blog Hop that I may or may not incorporate into the story.  I received some great comments in regards to that story that I want to share.

Nicole had this to say – “Great post!!! And God I could relate. To the feeling she had about wanting to feel special to the early morning walk. I loved it!!
Anna said, “Your story gives me such a good feeling, almost like something beautiful is about to happen.  And of course, something does… I think I would love to read your novel if this is just an excerpt from it:)”
*I told Anna, she gets the first copy.  
Check out Carrie and Anna‘s take on the same photo prompt.  

Thanks so much for the great feed back.

New Followers

I wanted to say thank you to my new followers as well.  Go check out their sites, there is some great stuff out there in the blogesphere – the first time I have used that word.

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Monday – My Interview with JuNoWriMo host and participant – Anna Howard
Tuesday – Movie Quotes
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