My Weekly Update – Future, Present and Return to the Past


A wise friend once told me not to make promises I can’t keep, not even to myself. I made some goals for myself at the beginning of the summer.  And, I did pretty good until August hit and then my life seemed to get caught in a tail spin.  Nothing tragic or anything, just out of my control.  I think I need to change my tactics.  So, here are my goals until my trip home on December 6th.

  1. Write for 2 hours per day.  Win Campnano.
  2. Sweat for 1 hour per day. Exercise in any form.
  3. Post on my blog 4 times per week.  Quality post, no fluff.
  4. Stop buying books until I read the ones I have.
  5. Pay off my credit card (3,012.05 down from 10,000.00 at the beginning of the year). Which means stop spending money. Which means, when I am bored, see 1-4. (READ, WRITE or SWEAT).

What do you do when you feel your life is going off track?    


The move to Shanghai is under way and I figured if I was going to be living in a new city, I should learn a little about it.  Five facts about my new home town:

  1. There are 23 million people in Shanghai. That’s a lot of people.
  2. 20,000 jews fled to Shanghai to escape the Nazis. I didn’t not know that.
  3. Parents still gather at the Shanghai Market with the resume of their unwed children in the hope of finding them a spouse.  I need to tell my mother. 
  4. KFC showed up in Shanghai 5 years before McDonalds.   I wonder if it’s real chicken. 
  5. There are 2.5 female toilets for every 1 male toilet and about 80% of public toilets are ‘squatters’. If you have never had to squat to pee, count yourself lucky.  

    Bonus:  I think I mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating.  My new home is a high rise apartment on top of a mall with a movie theater.  Sydney Quotes the Movies will get a boost in frequency.

Return to the Past – Blog Love Returns – The adventures of a single father and his 8 year old son and other really funny/amusing/sad/sexy stuff. – Author Phil Torcivia – “I’m one relationship disaster away from my third cat.” Another male blogger who writes about relationships and life and calls people on their stuff.  Really good writing.
Sevastian Winters – “Blue Print for Building a Better me” – Great lessons in this post. – “F-ck It” or A Treastise on Procrastination – I can procrastinate with the best of them, so Mike told me I needed to get to that point where I say “F-ck it” and get to writing. – Great post on “Why a Daily Routine is so important.” – I know you are probably thinking by now “Why does AM seem to have a mention every Sunday”, but what I can say, he writes quality.  I am all about quality.  ‘Wired Writers:  Why do Writers Drink so much Coffee?’ – No need to wonder any longer.  AM breaks it down.
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