My Weekly Update – Future, Present and Return to the Past


A wise friend once told me not to make promises I can’t keep, not even to myself. I made some goals for myself at the beginning of the summer.  And, I did pretty good until August hit and then my life seemed to get caught in a tail spin.  Nothing tragic or anything, just out of my control.  I think I need to change my tactics.  So, here are my goals until my trip home on December 6th.

  1. Write for 2 hours per day.  Win Campnano.
  2. Sweat for 1 hour per day. Exercise in any form.
  3. Post on my blog 4 times per week.  Quality post, no fluff.
  4. Stop buying books until I read the ones I have.
  5. Pay off my credit card (3,012.05 down from 10,000.00 at the beginning of the year). Which means stop spending money. Which means, when I am bored, see 1-4. (READ, WRITE or SWEAT).

What do you do when you feel your life is going off track?    


The move to Shanghai is under way and I figured if I was going to be living in a new city, I should learn a little about it.  Five facts about my new home town:

  1. There are 23 million people in Shanghai. That’s a lot of people.
  2. 20,000 jews fled to Shanghai to escape the Nazis. I didn’t not know that.
  3. Parents still gather at the Shanghai Market with the resume of their unwed children in the hope of finding them a spouse.  I need to tell my mother. 
  4. KFC showed up in Shanghai 5 years before McDonalds.   I wonder if it’s real chicken. 
  5. There are 2.5 female toilets for every 1 male toilet and about 80% of public toilets are ‘squatters’. If you have never had to squat to pee, count yourself lucky.  

    Bonus:  I think I mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating.  My new home is a high rise apartment on top of a mall with a movie theater.  Sydney Quotes the Movies will get a boost in frequency.

Return to the Past – Blog Love Returns – The adventures of a single father and his 8 year old son and other really funny/amusing/sad/sexy stuff. – Author Phil Torcivia – “I’m one relationship disaster away from my third cat.” Another male blogger who writes about relationships and life and calls people on their stuff.  Really good writing.
Sevastian Winters – “Blue Print for Building a Better me” – Great lessons in this post. – “F-ck It” or A Treastise on Procrastination – I can procrastinate with the best of them, so Mike told me I needed to get to that point where I say “F-ck it” and get to writing. – Great post on “Why a Daily Routine is so important.” – I know you are probably thinking by now “Why does AM seem to have a mention every Sunday”, but what I can say, he writes quality.  I am all about quality.  ‘Wired Writers:  Why do Writers Drink so much Coffee?’ – No need to wonder any longer.  AM breaks it down.
Look at the guys representing.  
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15 thoughts on “My Weekly Update – Future, Present and Return to the Past

  1. I can relate to the tailspin. Here it is the middle of August already and I am behind on CampNaNo and it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I can’t seem to accomplish everything I need to, much less everything I want to. Oh well today’s another day! Great post Sydney and those were some neat facts about Shanghai.

      1. That’s what I hope to do this afternoon, focus! Yesterday my son and I worked on the book cover and I’m getting ready to post a picture of it now on my blog update. Have a great day Sydney and thanks for the encouragement!

  2. “Stop buying books until I read the ones I have.”

    I may to take a picture of my bookshelves, which are now starting to overflow. I made the mistake of buying nice ones, too, and will have about fourteen by the end of the year if I don’t stop buying books. I was also on my way to becoming Books-a-Million’s top customer. I now allow myself 1 BAM book for every 4 I purchase from the awesome local bookstore downtown. I purchased 17 books for $21 a couple months ago, which was awesome. I have read three of them.

    And thanks, as always, for the awesome shout-out, but you should really tell them the REAL reason why I’m mentioned every week… 🙂

    1. SHHH – Remember the confidentiality agreement.

      Did you ever have book fairs in elementary school? You get the catalog before the fair day and make a list of all the books you want and then I would get to buy 20 books at one time and it was the best day ever. I think I am trying to recreate that feeling sometimes.

      1. I was the kid who should have been consuming 4-5 books a week but was more interested in buying pens or games or gadgets. My parents really should have given me up for adoption to a boot camp for lazy intellectuals.

        But now, every time I walk into a bookstore on pay day, it’s like that. I usually spend between 25 minutes and 2 hours on Fridays, buying things I don’t need. After buying 4 books/workbooks on the Japanese language, I realized I was going overboard. lol

      2. How are those Japanese language books? Interesting reads. I knew those kids that bought the pens and games and madlib books. I felt sorry for them. haha. But, you turned out ok. I unfortunately don’t have a local books store. Unless I learn to read in Mandarin, so that saves me some money, but I go over my amazon and iBook budget by the 2nd day of the month every month. Then I just add books to my wish list for the rest of the month.

      3. Watashi no haha no Amerika-Jin desuke wa

        I think I said my mother is American, but I’m not sure. If it’s not English or German, it’s pretty much a shot in the dark for me. I can guesstimate on Spanish, French, and Latin.

        And trying to learn Kanji? Nope. Good luck on Mandarin. I won’t be touching that, ever.

  3. I do an annual ‘life’ list that takes ages then remember some, forget some and most years check in quarterly. This year, I think I’m completely off the rails 😉

    I’ve been thinking of not buying more books till I’ve read what I’ve got.. I’m usually pretty good reading as I buy but am currently about 30 behind… It’s all those books I got for christmas. Oh and maybe the other 25 I bought myself.. don’t books look delicious these days?

    I’ve fancied camp nano but not done it this year. In June I challenged myself with participating in an open art studio. Camp nano August.. hmm.. still time.. but I promised myself I’d edit the first 2 drafts from the last 2 before this years nano. What was that your friend said? Don’t make promises you can’t keep not even to yourself. Wise soul.

    Nice post. Off to find ‘life’ list.. oh yes, and will do some edits today.

    1. I always have the best of intentions at the beginning then it all gets away from me and I look back and say, what the heck happened. It is frustrating, but I will get right back on it.
      Campnano is an interesting exercise for me, but not a failure, yet. Thanks for stopping by Lynne. Good luck with your life list.

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