The Buckets by Greg Cravens

The kid has a the right idea. If it was only just that easy. Someone needs to come up with a workout regime that is rigorous and challenging and burns fat and calories, but you can do it in your sleep. Brilliant!

Well, it made me smile anyway. And, I hope it will make me smile my ass awake on Tuesday morning to get to the gym. Stay tuned!!!


Here is a Chinaism that I thought you would like.

At the job, we thought we would do some branding for our instructors – give them a little credit even though they don’t usually deserve it. Our great idea was to put their pictures up on the wall in the hitting bay. Each instructor is now assigned a hitting bay; put their photo up on the wall of their hitting bay. Nice idea right. No! One of our staff told us that putting the photo of a person on the wall means they are dead. Really? Dead? Yes, dead.

Well we may want to kill them, but they aren’t quite dead, yet!!!

Love living in China.