A little about me!

I have three tattoos.

  1. First one is on the back of my right shoulder.  The sun with the moon inside of it. I got this one in New York City by an artist named Sammy ( July 1997).
  2. Second one is on my lower back and originally it was just the Chinese symbol for “grace” – to be in God’s good favor (2001).  It was later redone by Gabe Shum – Hong Kong Dragon Tattoo in TST (2010).  He re did the symbol and added a lotus flower (China), an iris flower (home), a sunflower (childhood) and a cherry blossom (DC and Japan).  In addition, I added 11 stars.  A star for each country I have been to:  United States, London, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia (Soviet Union), Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Mexico, Vietnam.  Since then I have been to Tokyo – need to add another star for that.
  3. Third one is my favorite (2009). It is located on the inside of my left ankle.  It is a Chinese Zodiac Bull holding three sticks of bamboo. Gabe did this tattoo as well. and named it China Jordan and my friend nicknamed it CJ. Getting this tattoo was fun because two of my friends went with me and we all got new China inspired tattoos because we are sharing this experience together.

My future tattoos:

I still want to get something on my left wrist.  It just feels like it needs to be dressed up.

Once I get to my goal weight of 175 pounds, I am going to get a tattoo on my right hip.  It will be a Koi fish swimming up stream and then have salt sprinkled over it.  I will explain the meaning of that more when the time comes.

Getting inked up is so addictive.  From my first to now, I have literally had to have conversations with myself weekly telling myself, no not now.  Wait for something extraordinary to happen to you.  But, with the last one, I didn’t wait. I couldn’t take it anymore, I just wanted it.  That is why I have decided to put it as a reward for reaching my weight loss goal.  May be a messed up way to do it, giving in to one addiction in order to overcome another addiction.  But, I think it is a great idea.  Smile!!!

What did I learn today?

So, what did I learn today?

I learned that the people in this country are just as crazy as people in America.

I learned that saying I am going to do it, blogging that I am going to do it, preparing to do it and dressing to do it and not doing it, is not anywhere close to doing it.

(Did not workout today. Maybe tomorrow. HAHA!)

I learned that these people have the stupidest excuses that I have every heard. Two of my favorites:

“I have to quit because I have to get up too early in the morning it and it disturbs my husbands sleep.  He has a very important job.”
“I have to quit because although I was hired to be outside operations, I don’t like being outside.”

I learned that people who are given the opportunity to fight for themselves and don’t have a lot bigger problems then trying to figure out how to sell a lesson.

I learned that firing people is not hard.  Especially when the person you fired, just didn’t give a shit about being here in the first place.

I learned that I just love music. If all else fails, play me a tune and I can find my bliss again.

I learned that in order to break your addictions you must remain conscious, focused and alert at all times.

I learned that I just love Ami James. I learned that I love tattoos, therefore, I learned that I would love a tattoo from Ami James.  Now!

Yep, that is what I learned, today.