The Culture of Greatness

It’s the most important thing a leader can do because culture drives behavior, behavior drives habits and habits create the future. As the leaders at Apple say, “Culture beats strategy all day long.”

When you create a culture of greatness you create a collective mindset in your organization that expects great things to happen-even during challenging times. You expect your people to be their best, you make it a priority to coach them to be their best and most of all you create a work environment that fuels them to be their best.

A culture of greatness creates an expectation that everyone in the organization be committed to excellence. It requires leaders and managers to put the right people in the right positions where they are humble and hungry and willing to work harder them everyone else. A culture of greatness dictates that each person use their gifts and strengths to serve the purpose and mission of the organization. And it means that you don’t just bring in the best people, but you also bring out the best in your people. If you are thinking that this sounds like common sense, it is. But unfortunately far too many organizations expect their people to be their best but they don’t invest their time and energy to help them be their best nor do they create an environment that is conducive to success. They want great results but they are not willing to do what it takes to create a culture of greatness.

A culture of greatness requires that you find the right people that fit your culture. Then you coach them, develop them, mentor them, train them and empower them to do what they do best. As part of this process you develop positive leaders who share positive energy throughout the organization because positive energy flows from the top down. You also don’t allow negativity to sabotage the moral, performance and success or your organization. You deal with negativity at the cultural level so your people can spend their time focusing on their work instead of fighting energy vampires. And you find countless ways to enhance communication, build trust and create engaged relationships that are the foundation upon which winning teams are built.

If creating a culture of greatness sounds like a lot of work, it is, but not as much work as dealing with the crises, problems and challenges associated with negative, dysfunctional and sub-par cultures. While most organizations waste a lot of time putting out fires you can spend your time building a great organization that rises above the competition.

  • My boss/friend sent me this and it is really great.  She didn’t write it, but we will she if she follows it.   In every endeavor I wish to uphold “The Culture of Greatness.”

My Unintentional Tribute to Steve Jobs

Sitting in my office today, my assistant walked in and asked me how long I was going to let that apple sit on my desk. Thinking she was referring to my new MacAir, I said that I wouldn’t be bringing it in every day.
She was referring to the actual piece of fruit; apple, that had been sitting on my desk for the last 2 days.
I kind of like that my brain went that way.
See how you have influences my life. You will always be remembered.
RIP Steve Jobs

More Chinese Employees Funnies!

Some of my staff and I are at this restaurant tasting the food and drinks for an event.  In doing a taste test of beer for a company event, one of my translators tried to explain to me to difference between the two beers I was tasting.  She proceed to tell me that one beer was bitter while the other was sweet because the sweet beer is “Fresh Beer”.  What in the world is fresh beer?  I kept picturing a beer tree out back.  She meant that the beer didn’t come from a bottle or can, it was a draft beer.  SMH.

That same night, I was trying to talk to the cater to discuss the potential menu.  I told them I wanted this and that and went on for a while.  I pause to let my assistant translate for me when she looks up and exclaims, “I am a little drunk, can your repeat that.” Very professional.

Then, that same night we are driving by a bunch of furniture stores and the same translator says, ‘Wow, Furniture Center. What do they sell there?”  Now mind you, she said that in Chinese (no language barrier), she was dead serious and this was before we even got to the beer tasting, so she wasn’t “a little drunk” at the time.  HAHA.

Love my staff!