Sydney Aaliyah is a Guest

I hijacked Arlee Bird’s blog; Tossing it Out 
Looking for Direction – Writing Careers
I figured that giving the opportunity to reach an audience considerable larger then my own, I would seek some advice on writing careers.  I have been researching careers in writing for some time now. And, all I need is something to tide me over until I become a famous author.  The choices are a little confusing or maybe I am lazy, but I can’t seem to find a job that quite suits me. You be the judge?
Please check it out and let me know what you think.

10 thoughts on “Sydney Aaliyah is a Guest

  1. And a fine hijacking it is. Hope you find that ideal writing job. I’m sure you’re not the only one out there looking.

      1. Holy fried bologna on wheat bread with asiago cheese and 2 squirts of Jack Daniels mustard!

        Your Alexa rating, right now, is 2,189.976. Tossing it Out is at 1.5M’ish. I’m currently sitting at 3,142,422 (and have been for two yucky days). Two weeks ago, I was floating around the 9.3 million spot.

        Basically, Alexa ranks the top websites on the internet. Anything at 100K and down is considered the “elite,” with Google at 1, Facebook at 2, Youtube at 3, Twitter at 8, and so on.

        If you go to, you can “claim” your site and download their toolbar, which will help raise your ranking (as well as show you what every site you visit is ranked). The rankings get boosts from everyone who visits your page AND has the toolbar (THIS GUY), so you visiting your own site will help.

        I only downloaded mine about 3 weeks ago (but jumped over 6 million spots since then), so I suppose it’s worth giving a try.

        And 2.1M isn’t bad at all, considering how long your site has been around, and the fact that there are some 420 million sites (or more) that rank lower. 🙂

      2. Is that what you had for dinner last night?

        Cool. I will head on over and see what is up. But, I like the thought of being 2.1 million out of 420 million. Pretty good, right?

      3. I tell myself that, yes. Being in the top 1% of all websites on the internet? Ba-zink!

        And no about dinner. I had pizza and coffee. Bologna is yucko.

  2. Just read it, looks like you’ve self-ruled out many writing jobs and picked up work from AM along the way! I’ve been blogging 6 months. Intrigued by Alexa.. turns out I’m 16,969,290.. Good luck with finding the writing job to ease life while you become that famous author. You’re already 14million ahead of me.. ooh I’ve not finished any of my novels yet.. Good luck.

    1. Hey Lynne, I am going to hold AM to the job offer. I am not sure how much stock I put into Alexa ratings. I am sure I haven’t done anything different then anyone else. But, I am obsessed with my own site states, so maybe I am no different. I just think how I get to laugh at all the struggles once I make it. haha. Good luck as well.

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