Tattoo Tuesday – Badge Revealed & Good News for Tattoo Museum in Amsterdam

SydTatTWOTattoo Tuesday will be a constant feature on my blog, if only for my own amusement. I welcome anyone with a great tattoo and/or a great tattoo story to share them with the world. My tattoos are inspired by my life and at the same time inspire my life everyday.  Maybe yours can do the same for others.  Thanks so much A.M. Schultz for creating the Tattoo Tuesday Badge. Click on the badge to read past Tattoo Tuesday posts.

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum


Every since I heard about the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, I have been planning a trip to see it.  Sort of like the trip to Mecca for tattoo lovers.   A few weeks ago, the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum was shut down and the building owners were preventing the museum owner to operate any long and the collection of tattoo history was being held hostage.

Several events across the world by some of the best tattoo artist in the world were held to raising money to help the museum and protect its collection.

It looks like the campaigned worked and the museum is going to re-open.  I wanted to share this because I love the way the tattoo community rallied together to support and save a piece of their culture and history.  People coming together to help each other is a beautiful thing.

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Another inspired by my main man Luke Wessman. HAHA

I read tweets for inspiration on how I want to live. This is probably the most focused tidbit to live by. PMA – Positive Mental Attitude! A positive mental attitude can set you up right in every situation. Wake up – PMA, decide what to eat – PMA, go to work – PMA, someone is mean to you – PMA, have to work late – PMA, go to the gym – PMA, is this really what I should be doing with my life – PMA, go to bed – PMA, sweet dreams – PMA.

Just keep PMA in your mind in every thing you do and you will changed your course in life. I am going to try it in 2012 and see what happens!! Greatness is on the horizon. I can taste it.

More information on the PMA and OLOC movement, click here!

The Infamous Word: F–k

This was tweeted by my good friend (in my mind alone) Luke Wessman. He titled it as his “Life motto”. I have had a love hate relationship with the word F—K. Have seen it used in such clever ways and hateful ways over the years. I have now reconciled by mind to think of it in a positive light. It is an adjective, adverb, noun. A great expletive and just an all around great word. I still can’t say it though!!! HAHA