Another inspired by my main man Luke Wessman. HAHA

I read tweets for inspiration on how I want to live. This is probably the most focused tidbit to live by. PMA – Positive Mental Attitude! A positive mental attitude can set you up right in every situation. Wake up – PMA, decide what to eat – PMA, go to work – PMA, someone is mean to you – PMA, have to work late – PMA, go to the gym – PMA, is this really what I should be doing with my life – PMA, go to bed – PMA, sweet dreams – PMA.

Just keep PMA in your mind in every thing you do and you will changed your course in life. I am going to try it in 2012 and see what happens!! Greatness is on the horizon. I can taste it.

More information on the PMA and OLOC movement, click here!

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