The Infamous Word: F–k

This was tweeted by my good friend (in my mind alone) Luke Wessman. He titled it as his “Life motto”. I have had a love hate relationship with the word F—K. Have seen it used in such clever ways and hateful ways over the years. I have now reconciled by mind to think of it in a positive light. It is an adjective, adverb, noun. A great expletive and just an all around great word. I still can’t say it though!!! HAHA


“My admiration of one thing is not a direct criticism of another.  There is room in my heart to like/love them both.” – Me

How many times have you heard someone say that they love someones dress only to think to your self, well, why don’t they like my dress. Or, have you heard someone say that they are a great manager and think to your self, They must think I am an awful manager.  I am guilty of it to.

Just because someone admires something in front of you doesn’t mean they are secretly criticising you for that same thing.  Often times, please who exclaim they admire something is just that.  They like something.  Not inspite of something else.

Just because I say he is a good golf instructor doesn’t mean I don’t think you are good either. Just like because you say you need to hire a manager doesn’t mean I am a bad manager.

Please say things all the time and it is frutile to start thinking what people mean by what they say.  You start doing that and you automatically are going to think the worst because that is what people do.

Next time  you hear someone praise someone else, especially when it is something that is dear to you, say to yourself that it has nothing to do with me.  More times then not it doesn’t.  Don’t look more into what they say beyond the words that actually come out of their mouth.

Or, you could think of it as you are good at that something as well and that is what the person is comparing it to.  It is because of your talents that someone has the ability to recognize what is good.  I can measure who is a dancer, speaker, manager, friend, boyfriend, lover.  Because you set such a good example.  Why even consider the alternative.  That is a more positive and personal inspiring way to look at the things that people say.

But, remember, you are good, kind, funny, smart, attractive and nice person. And so are you!!!

When in doubt, do your life!

Not an original thought of mine, but don’t quite know who to give credit to.  But, I like this.

Let’s examine this quote further.

My cousin used to always say, “You, do you!” I think it is the same concept of celebrating what is inherently you and your being and doing things that will reveal to other exactly what it is in you that is so good and pure or evil and bad.  I guess it works both ways.

Do your life. How do you do your life? Does it mean to disregard the outside influences and just look within.  Does it give us license to be selfish and only consider our own needs?  In a state of doubt, depression, confusion, distrust, and hesitation, at that time, if no other time it should give you allowance to rely on the only person that you can control.  Namely your self; you actions, your experiences, your memories, and your perceptions.

Do your life! Interesting.