U – Undeniably Cool Punctuation Tattoos

UThe punctuation tattoo is popular among writers. Check out some of my friends and their tattoos.

Megan Erickson – My other writing related tattoo is an ellipsis on the inside of my left arm. I got it after I signed my first publishing contract.


Megan’s new book, Changing His Game is available for pre order.


Claudia Bradsaw – ellipse, colon & parentheses


Claudia’s Fortune of Love Series is awesome. She is my sexy writer guru. Check it out.

Another cools one I found on Tumblr.

tumblr_m1cscypO1w1r0z4qho1_400I want to get an exclamation point on the top of my hand! I love exclamation points!! They aren’t annoying at all!!!

What is your favorite form of punctuation?

Secrets For Love by Claudia Bradshaw – Blog Tour

Breaking free from a world where everyone views you as a little girl is tough work. Alayna has been fighting to be seen as a woman since she came home from college. When the beast that haunts Alayna’s dreams catches her in his private library, things start to change. 
“Roses will lead you to her.” Those simple words have tortured Marcus for years. He has hidden the man behind the beast, showing the world only what he thinks they want to see—until he finds the one who can accept him. 
Untamed passion brings Marcus and Alayna together. Will a secret break them apart?
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Excerpt 1: 
As soon as we crossed into the tent, the burn of strong incense made my eyes water. Madame Miranda was sitting at a small table complete with Tarot cards and a crystal ball. She was old and craggy, and when she spoke, her coarse voice made a chill run up my spine.
“I’ve been expecting you boys. I have something to tell you.”
Since it was Myles’ idea to enter the tent, we made him go first. My brain was too foggy from cheap beer to process what she was saying to him, but he went as white as a ghost and shot out of his chair.
“Marcus, come sit down and give me your hand,” she said, and my heart picked up. How does she know my name? “Do as you are told, beast!”
Shit. She knows my nickname too, I thought.
I sat across from her, and she grasped my hand in hers, running her dry, bony fingers along my palm.
“Yes, Marcus, you are quite a beast. But you will find your soul mate in due time. Roses will lead you to her.” She looked up at me and as her eyes bored into mine she gripped my hand tighter. “But be careful, beast. If you keep secrets from your belle rose, your love will fall like petals in winter and you will risk losing her forever.”
Excerpt 2: 
He surprised me when he finally said, “Would you like another shot?” The way he said the words made my alcohol-swimming brain believe that he might have meant something else.
“I’d love for you to give me a Tequila-O.” My eyes went wide when I realized what I had said. “I mean, I’d love another shot.”
Seeing that the bartender was on the other end of the bar, Marcus reached across the bar and snagged a bottle of Jose, pouring me a perfect shot. He slid it across to me and I slammed the shot back, keeping my eyes closed while Jose did his work, burning a line down my center.
The sound of Marcus’s deep voice brought me back to reality “Tessa tells me that you designed the themes for the different rooms here. Do you have a favorite?”
I felt heat rush into my cheeks from more than just the Tequila-O, and I sent a silent prayer that the flashing lights of the club had covered it up for me. “Lust is my favorite.”
Marcus slowly moved closer to me. With one hand resting on my bare thigh just above my knee and the other behind my neck, he pulled me toward him as he bent down and whispered in my ear, “Lust is my favorite too.” Then he released me and walked away, leaving my skin cold and empty where his hands had been.



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Claudia currently resides next to the mountains but dreams of the beach. She is married to her lost then found again high school love. She has a teenage daughter who gives her stomach aches from laughing so hard together. 
Claudia has an almost super human ability to obsess over whatever strikes her fancy. She spends her time between adding to her ever growing tattoo collection, writing, and perfecting the Tequila-O with her always present 7 bottles of Jose.



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Tattoo Tuesday – Claudia Bradshaw


This is some hot off the presses Tattoo Tuesday Ink from Claudia. She got this tattoo yesterday.  Thanks for sharing Claudia, your five questions start now:  


1.   How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I got my first tattoo when I turned 18.  My best friend and I walked into a shop and pointed to a kanji in a book that said it meant ‘Wild’ and told them to stick it on us.  As soon as the needles hit my skin I knew I was going to be addicted.  While all of my ink is special to me I’m in the process of covering up my very first one as what it represents isn’t a part of who I am anymore and it is terribly faded.  When we are done I’ll have a beautiful pinup mermaid across my back.

2.     How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more? I’d say my most meaningful tattoo is the memorial piece I had done for my grandparents.  Shortly after I lost my grandfather, who was my favorite person and an avid bird watcher, I heard the song Birds by Neil Young on the radio and these lyrics helped me with his loss “When you see me Fly away without you Shadow on the things you know Feathers fall around you And show you the way to go.” and so I wanted something to remind me that they were still there with me even though they were gone… So I got two birds flying through forget-me-not flowers.


3.     What inspired you to get your first tattoo or favorite tattoo?  Tell me your tattoo story. It took me a long time, and 5 different shops, to finally find the artist that was perfect for me.  When I walked into Cathedral Tattoo Co. I knew it was a match made in heaven.  I’ve received the majority of my ink within those walls and I’ll continue to add to my collection there.

4.     Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why? My husband also has a growing collection of sexy ink flowing over his skin.  We both go to the same artist and we schedule our sessions back to back spending all night at the shop.

5.     Do the character’s in your books have tattoos? If so, pick a character and tell me his or her tattoo story? Why was this story incorporated in the book?  In Sin For Love (Fortune For Love #1) Reese does have a sleeve covering one of his arms, and while it is sexy it isn’t a big part of the story.  Now in Fortune For Love #2 (which doesn’t have a title yet) there is a character with a large tattoo that is very much a part of the story…


To learn more about Claudia Bradshaw, connect with her on her Blog, Twitter and check out her new release Sin for Love on Goodreads

If you have a book coming out or just want to tell your tattoo story and want to be featured on Tattoo Tuesday, let me know by leaving me a message in the comments.