Charming the Outback by Leesa Bow – Book Blitz

I’m so honored to bring you news of one of my favorite people and my friend from Down Under, Leesa  Bow. 

Leesa writers about gorgeous footballers (Aussie Style) and sexy romance. 



Title:  Charming the Outback
Author: Leesa Bow
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb: CtO

When jaded city girl Maddy McIntyre packs up and leaves Adelaide for a new job in the country, it’s not only a chance at a fresh start.  Six months ago, the first guy she’d ever loved shattered her heart before moving home to Broken Hill. Deep down inside, Maddy is hoping that living in the same town will give her an opportunity to prove to Luke that she’s one temptation he can’t resist.

But when she arrives in Broken Hill, Luke White is not the same guy she knew in the city.  And it soon seems very clear that he doesn’t want her there. Although Maddy settles in quickly, excelling at work and partying with her new friends, she can’t understand why Luke is remaining so distant. Particularly when all her instincts are telling her that they’re meant to be together –  and that he feels the same burning attraction.

As Maddy learns more about Luke’s family and background, she begins to understand that his mixed messages are caused by balancing what’s expected of him with what he really wants. Maddy gave Luke her heart long ago and, despite their differences, she knows she’ll only ever be happy with her hot country boy. But how can she convince him that she’s the risk he needs to take?


About the Author:

LeesaLeesa Bow grew up in Broken Hill and moved to Adelaide, South Australia with her husband.

Leesa writes about new adult romance and loves to read. In her spare time, Leesa enjoys watching basketball and football, having beach days with the family, catching up for coffee with girlfriends, and taking long walks along the beach.

Leesa only began writing when her second daughter became sick with cancer. Initially writing was therapeutic, but when her daughter got the all clear, she decided to continue writing seriously.

Leesa is a member of the Romance Writer’s of Australia (RWA) and the South Australian Romance Authors (SARA).



X – X Factor Australia

The X Factor is one of many reality television franchises that are highly popular in the United States and have a version in Australia.  Truth be told, this show originated in the UK and was in Australia before it hit US markets.

There is also an Australian version of The Voice, Next Top Model, Project Runway, Master Chef (actually created in Australia) and Celebrity Apprentice (David Hasselhoff is on this season. What in the world?!?!?!).

I have seen and have a strong opinion of the American version of each of these shows except The X Factor.  I figured that I could stack the two versions of this show side by side and see who comes out on top on paper.  I promise to be fair and impartial.  Really.   So, here goes.

The X Factor America vs. The X Factor Australia

Number of Seasons:  1 season vs. 3 seasons – Australia has this one

Host:  Steve Jones vs. Luke Jacobz – push; I have no clue who either of these people are.

Notable Judges:  Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul vs. Danni Minogue, Mel B  and Natalie Imbruglia – Considering the Creator is a judge on the American version, US clearly wins this one, but I will give some props to Kylie’s sister and a spice girl.

Notable Winners:  Melanie Amaro ( to soon to tell) vs. Reece Mastin (double platunim debut album) – I will give this one to Australia, although I haven’t heard anything from either of them. But, you can’ t argue with double platinum.

*The most famous winner of the franchise is Leona Lewis, Great Britain Season 3.  Bleeding Love is one of my favorite songs.


Prize:  5 million dollar cash and a recording contract with Syco Music a division of Sony Music vs. 5 hundred thousand aussie dollars cash and a recording contract with Sony Music Australia – no brainer. US has this one

Viewship:  Debut episode 12.5 million vs. being cancelled after the first season because of poor ratings, it was brought back by another network and has a steady viewship of about 1.3 million.  – I would give the advantage to the US, but only slightly.  You have to figure that with only 20 million people in Australia, that is a higher percentage of people watching the show then in the US, but the cancellation gives the US the nod.

So, there you have it.  X-Factor Australia pales in comparison to X-Factor USA at least on paper, but they both miss out because even after learning all that I have about these two shows, I still have no interest in watching them.

Thanks Wikipedia for all the fascinating fun X Factor facts.  

U – Underground Railway

My all time favorite thing about traveling is finding my way around new cities.  I prefer to walk around and get lost and then find my way back again.  It is the best way to get to know a city.  Another great way to see the city and to cover more ground is by utilizing the public transportation system.

All of my favorite cities have great PTS. The street car in New Orleans, the subway in New York, the tube in London, the metro in Tokyo and Hong Kong and now the Underground Railway in Sydney.

We had one day with nothing planned so we decided to jump on the train and see where it took us. We got on at Central and took the train 4 stops to Bondi Junction.

Bondi Junction is a great shopping area of Sydney.  It has several stores that line the streets and then a huge mall.  I have to give you a little back story so you understand why this was such an exciting site for me.

In China, there are a lot of high end malls.  Lots of name brands.  You can find any and everything you need in China.  Except for a shoe in a size 9.5.  In the six years I have lived here, I have never been able to purchase a pair of shoes.  It is really sad because, I love shoes.  I mean, I really love shoes.

I have been wearing the same 3 freakin pairs of shoes for 18 months now (last time I was in USA). I needed new shoes.

In Sydney Australia, I found shoes.  In fact, I found several shoes stores in Bondi Junction and every single store I went to and every shoe I asked to see had a size 9.5.  I was in 9.5 shoe heaven.  I was such a great feeling.  I brought 4 pairs.

So, I send thanks out to you all.  To Sydney for loving big feet people, to Bondi Junction for housing some great shoes stores and especially to the Underground Railway.  If it was not for you and your easy access all over Sydney, I might still be wearing the same 3 freakin pairs of shoes.

S – Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

I did it and I lived to talk about it (post about it).

Definitely the highlight of my trip was doing the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb.  It was way more amazing then I even imagined it would be.

We had a great guide named Richard who had a million great stories.  Our safety guys name was Rhys who was super sweet.

Point of no return!

Here are some of the photos we got from the climb.  They wouldn’t let us take a camera so we are stuck with their photos. But, I understand why.  If I had my own camera the climb would have taken all day.  There was so many great views from up there.

I covered just over 1 mile going up and down; 1,400 steps.  We were rigged up like sky divers and constantly clipped into a safety line that runs the entire length of the climb.  It was perfectly safe.  The views were just breath taking. I am so happy I got a chance to experience this.  It is truly why I love traveling and experiencing new things.

Next time, I am doing the climb at night.

R – the Rocks

I have decided that if (when) I move to Sydney Australia, I will have to live in the area known as The Rocks (TR).

The Rocks is a small, eclectic, fashionable, mysterious, touristy, but charming little neighbored just next to the City (what they call Downtown Sydney).

It reminds me of The French Quarter (FQ) in New Orleans and Georgetown (GT) in Washington, DC . I went to college in New Orleans and although I wanted to, my parents were not about to let a young impressional 18 year old live in the Quarter.  What could I do, they were paying the bills.  For law school, I lived in DC, but for practical and cost reasons again I didn’t get the chance to live in my dream neighborhood.

I just love these small eclectic areas of town that although they are frequented by tourist, they don’t loose their charm.

All these areas have the following in common (FQ, GT, TR):

  • 1st floor old and new retail/restaurants and bars (Ralph Lauren next to an art gallery that has been there for 100 years)
  • 2nd floor apartments/condos w/balconies (in the quarter, they are still reasonable, in GT and TR, pretty expensive)
  • alley ways that have the coolest shops (Alley Cat Jazz, Blue Note Club, I will find out tonight)
  • Wine bars/coffee shops (not Starbucks)/brewhouses
  • tourist shops
  • One great breakfast spot – (Clover Street Grill, Peacock Cafe, Pancakes on the Rocks)

Allow me the pause here parenthetical to extol the greatness of Pancakes on the Rocks.  Any place that serves ice cream with pancakes is greatness in my book.  Please don’t drool on your keyboard.

What is your dream neighborhood and what makes it so special?