X – X Factor Australia

The X Factor is one of many reality television franchises that are highly popular in the United States and have a version in Australia.  Truth be told, this show originated in the UK and was in Australia before it hit US markets.

There is also an Australian version of The Voice, Next Top Model, Project Runway, Master Chef (actually created in Australia) and Celebrity Apprentice (David Hasselhoff is on this season. What in the world?!?!?!).

I have seen and have a strong opinion of the American version of each of these shows except The X Factor.  I figured that I could stack the two versions of this show side by side and see who comes out on top on paper.  I promise to be fair and impartial.  Really.   So, here goes.

The X Factor America vs. The X Factor Australia

Number of Seasons:  1 season vs. 3 seasons – Australia has this one

Host:  Steve Jones vs. Luke Jacobz – push; I have no clue who either of these people are.

Notable Judges:  Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul vs. Danni Minogue, Mel B  and Natalie Imbruglia – Considering the Creator is a judge on the American version, US clearly wins this one, but I will give some props to Kylie’s sister and a spice girl.

Notable Winners:  Melanie Amaro ( to soon to tell) vs. Reece Mastin (double platunim debut album) – I will give this one to Australia, although I haven’t heard anything from either of them. But, you can’ t argue with double platinum.

*The most famous winner of the franchise is Leona Lewis, Great Britain Season 3.  Bleeding Love is one of my favorite songs.


Prize:  5 million dollar cash and a recording contract with Syco Music a division of Sony Music vs. 5 hundred thousand aussie dollars cash and a recording contract with Sony Music Australia – no brainer. US has this one

Viewship:  Debut episode 12.5 million vs. being cancelled after the first season because of poor ratings, it was brought back by another network and has a steady viewship of about 1.3 million.  – I would give the advantage to the US, but only slightly.  You have to figure that with only 20 million people in Australia, that is a higher percentage of people watching the show then in the US, but the cancellation gives the US the nod.

So, there you have it.  X-Factor Australia pales in comparison to X-Factor USA at least on paper, but they both miss out because even after learning all that I have about these two shows, I still have no interest in watching them.

Thanks Wikipedia for all the fascinating fun X Factor facts.  

5 thoughts on “X – X Factor Australia

  1. This post made me laugh – you did a great job of comparing but then still gave up on both shows at the end. Bleeding Love is one of my faves, too.

  2. I just learned something new! I didn’t know Leona Lewis was a contestant on X Factor. Her “Better in Time” song rocks! — still, I don’t watch, nor will I plan to ever watch the X Factor….unless they feature a performance from one of my favorite singers…then MAYBE I’ll try to catch it….later, on YouTube 😉

    I don’t watch The Voice, American Idol or any of those music shows these days. I used to watch American Idol, until maybe Season 3, then I only started watching the auditions and then I gradually just left that show alone, in favor of more entertaining reality TV, that is Hell’s Kitchen — love me some Chef Gordon “You Call that F**n Steak?” Ramsay! LOL

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    @MadlabPost on Twitter

    1. I tend towards Top Chef, Master Chef, Top Chef Masters shows. I havent seen Hell’s Kitchen by I watched both season 1 and 2 of Masterchef in one weekend. I love Chef Ramsay, too.

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