F-French Quarter


I lived in New Orleans for two years. It’s one of those cities that great to visit but hard to live in, especially if you have obligations like a school or a job.

It remains one of my favorite places on earth.

Anxious Love will be the first of many (I hope) novels set in New Orleans. The city is a character in itself and it main character trait is found in the French Quarter.

Depositphotos_40084997_s-2015Top 5 coolest things to do in the French Quarter:

  1. People watch in Jackson Square.
  2. Eat at Acme Oyster House.
  3. Ride the river front street car down the Mississippi River.
  4. Listen to jazz at the Preservation Hall.
  5. Take a book tour and see where Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote wrote.

This list could have been 100 items long. These are just the highlights.

Have you been to New Orleans? 

R – the Rocks

I have decided that if (when) I move to Sydney Australia, I will have to live in the area known as The Rocks (TR).

The Rocks is a small, eclectic, fashionable, mysterious, touristy, but charming little neighbored just next to the City (what they call Downtown Sydney).

It reminds me of The French Quarter (FQ) in New Orleans and Georgetown (GT) in Washington, DC . I went to college in New Orleans and although I wanted to, my parents were not about to let a young impressional 18 year old live in the Quarter.  What could I do, they were paying the bills.  For law school, I lived in DC, but for practical and cost reasons again I didn’t get the chance to live in my dream neighborhood.

I just love these small eclectic areas of town that although they are frequented by tourist, they don’t loose their charm.

All these areas have the following in common (FQ, GT, TR):

  • 1st floor old and new retail/restaurants and bars (Ralph Lauren next to an art gallery that has been there for 100 years)
  • 2nd floor apartments/condos w/balconies (in the quarter, they are still reasonable, in GT and TR, pretty expensive)
  • alley ways that have the coolest shops (Alley Cat Jazz, Blue Note Club, I will find out tonight)
  • Wine bars/coffee shops (not Starbucks)/brewhouses
  • tourist shops
  • One great breakfast spot – (Clover Street Grill, Peacock Cafe, Pancakes on the Rocks)

Allow me the pause here parenthetical to extol the greatness of Pancakes on the Rocks.  Any place that serves ice cream with pancakes is greatness in my book.  Please don’t drool on your keyboard.

What is your dream neighborhood and what makes it so special?