S – Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

I did it and I lived to talk about it (post about it).

Definitely the highlight of my trip was doing the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb.  It was way more amazing then I even imagined it would be.

We had a great guide named Richard who had a million great stories.  Our safety guys name was Rhys who was super sweet.

Point of no return!

Here are some of the photos we got from the climb.  They wouldn’t let us take a camera so we are stuck with their photos. But, I understand why.  If I had my own camera the climb would have taken all day.  There was so many great views from up there.

I covered just over 1 mile going up and down; 1,400 steps.  We were rigged up like sky divers and constantly clipped into a safety line that runs the entire length of the climb.  It was perfectly safe.  The views were just breath taking. I am so happy I got a chance to experience this.  It is truly why I love traveling and experiencing new things.

Next time, I am doing the climb at night.

10 thoughts on “S – Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

    1. Hi Carla, honestly the hardest part was climbing ladders straight up to get to the bridge part. That part was nauseating. Once I was on top of the bridge, it was actually pretty calming. Thanks for visiting.

  1. At night? What are you thinking!?! It’s perfectly safe? My heart is beating just reading this and looking at the pictures. Yikes. I think I’ll be adventurous through you. 🙂

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