My Weekly Update – Junowrimo, Job and Just Freakin Cool


Going into week three, I have a handle on JuNoWriMo. In fact, I am kicking junowrimo’s butt.  And, I am pretty excited about it.  I am over 40,000 words in 16 days.  I have about 20,000 words to go before I finish my 1st draft of my 1st novel.  That is my new goal for June.

It hasn’t been easy.  Far from it, but what I am most please about it my preparation has paid off.  Even when I though I would run out of story, taking a day to step back and review my outline revealed that the story wasn’t supposed to end where I originally thought. It just transformed the story even further and I love it even more.

Lessons learned, preparation is key, but being open to new ideas and adjusting you plan my reveal something better.

Favorite passage written last week was this toast that John makes in front of his best friend and Sydney’s brother about how they are going to maintain their relationship when Sydney goes back to China:

“7 days ago, I meet this girl and instantly knew that I had to get to know her.  There was just something about her, that I am still trying to figure out.” Looking at Sydney, John continued. ” Now I don’t know whether it was God, the universe, karma, Budda or The Force, but something in this world has saw fit to bring us into each other lives and I think that force has earned our respect.” Sydney had no idea where John was going with this little speech or declaration, but she was all ears.
“I am not typically one to just let things happen and we all know Sydney has to know the answers to everything before the questions are even asked.  But, baby you can’t research the outcome of this one.  All we can do is trust that the force that brought us together will keep up together.  Even when we are miles apart.” to Kevin and Dennis, “And, that the people who love us the most will remind us if we try and take control this love thing.”

*Now this is unedited, but does it make sense?  Let me know.


There is one definition of the word job that says, “Anything a person is expected or obliged to do; a duty; a responsibility. That is how I have been think of my writing lately and I am happy to report that it has transformed not only my attitude, but the quality of my writing as well.

Now, no one wants to be obligated to do something, but if you think about it.  There are obligations and responsibilities that we take on in our paying jobs every day.  We do them because we want to get a pay check, we want to get a good review, we want to move up and be recognized for a job well done.

Well that is the same with my writing “job”.  Although I don’t get a paycheck for it.  I have an obligation and a responsibility to not waste this gift.  I have a responsibility to myself to respect the time I have dedicated to this so far and to my blog readers and fellow writers who are so supportive and who have given me great advice.

So, writing is my job and finally, I have a job a love.

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