My Weekly Update – Just Write!


It was really all about writing last week.  I have been debating whether to release any excerpts from my WIP from Junowrimo.  But, it just isn’t ready yet.  Or, to be honest, I am not ready,yet.  However, to avoid being labeled a big tease, I will give you a little insight into my first novel.

Tentative Title:  I’m Coming Home

Main Character’s Loves and Hates:

Sydney Smith (I know, I really need to change her name.  This isn’t an autobiography. May change it to Emilynn) – More on her description later.

Loves:  writing, traveling, tattoos, mexican food and days where no one telling her what to do or asking her to do stuff for them.

Hates:  Negative people and people who make statements about people that sound like a compliment, but are actual an insult.  Ex: When Sydney ask her boss, Linda what she thinks for the new guy she meets, Linda said, “John is really friendly, he flirts with everyone.”

John Alexander Osha, IV – think of Bryan Greenberg’s character in Prime mixed with Jude Law charm (without the English accent)

Loves: computers, playing golf, watching basketball, hip hop and cute girls with tattoos

Hates:  Girls who don’t realize how amazing they are and people who have an over exaggerated sense of themselves.

Linda Ryder – Picture a mix of Chris Everett Lloyd’s athleticism on Kim Zolciak from Real House Wives of Atlanta body.  Fake hair included.

Loves: expensive stuff, young men, and being famous

Hates:  Buying things on sale, procratination in others (has no issue doing it herself), and people who don’t give her credit.

Trina Watson – Picture your best friend who always tells you the truth.

Loves: her cousin, telling the truth and alcohol which she can’t have because she is 5 months pregnant.

Hates:  Sydney’s boss, Linda

Alex James Ryder – good looking guy who doesn’t think he is (don’t you hate those types).  A voice of reason; clean cut golf pro type.  Addias golf shirt and pants by day.  T-shirts and cargo shorts by night.

Likes:  teaching golf, playing golf, talking about golf, watching golf, his friends and the F – word

Hates:  people who are dishonest and people who take life too seriously

Setting: New Orleans, Louisiana – specifically at a golf course and in several locations in the French Quarter

Genre:  I have no idea.  I do know it is not science fiction or horror. Two people fall in love in the midsts of some funny  situations and someone doesn’t want them to be together.  You tell me?

 Ok, that is all that I am authorized to reveal at this time.  Maybe more next week.

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop

I decided to base a short story on my novel for Writer Wednesday Blog Hop that I may or may not incorporate into the story.  I received some great comments in regards to that story that I want to share.

Nicole had this to say – “Great post!!! And God I could relate. To the feeling she had about wanting to feel special to the early morning walk. I loved it!!
Anna said, “Your story gives me such a good feeling, almost like something beautiful is about to happen.  And of course, something does… I think I would love to read your novel if this is just an excerpt from it:)”
*I told Anna, she gets the first copy.  
Check out Carrie and Anna‘s take on the same photo prompt.  

Thanks so much for the great feed back.

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I wanted to say thank you to my new followers as well.  Go check out their sites, there is some great stuff out there in the blogesphere – the first time I have used that word.

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My Weekly Update – Mothers, Milestones & More

Happy Mother’s Day!

I wanted to wish my mother.  So many women out their take on motherly roles in their every day life.  I wish you all a great day as well.  I hope that you have someone around to say thank you.  And, if you don’t, well, thank you from me.

I haven’t been with my mother for mother’s day for 6 years, now.  And, I hate it.  Mother’s day is a big deal in my family and my mother is a mother to so many people.  She is always taken care of, but I still feel bad that I can’t be there.  “She is my mommy.”

My mother is the most brilliant women I know.  She had very little formal education after high school, but she is an expert on what ever she need to be.  She taught herself bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, property appraisal, and contracting.  She knows everything about the NFL (the business side), the music industry, and the publishing industry.  She gets along with everyone and everyone loves her.  At 67 years old, she is the most capable person I know.

And she does it all with a smile.  The most important lesson I learned from my mother is to just enjoy your life.  Simple.


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Do you have any great stories about your mom that you would like to share? What was the best part of your week?