My Weekly Update – It’s Back

All I want for NaNo Bloghop


J.A Bennett and her friends created this anthology with all proceeds going to NaNoWriMo. The Spirit of Christmas is now available for purchase. Make sure you get your copy here!

To celebrate, me and my co-authors Jessica SalyerDavid Powers KingKelley Lynn, andCassie Mae are doing a bloghop.

My NaNo wish? All I want for NaNo is a few “in the zone” writing sessions and a completed first draft. That’s not to much to ask.

NYC Midnight – 2013 Flash Fiction Challenge

This has been a really cool contest. I placed fifth in my group in the first round. I was given the prompts of wrote a humorous story, located in a rain forest and had to mention a water balloons. Kind of random, right, but I wrote a strange, but amusing story about a robot and his crazy master. I will post it once I receive the feedback. They combine the scores for round #1 and #2 and round #2’s prompts – Horror, Tattoo Parlour and a pair of high heels.  My mind is already racing.

#NaNoWriMo 2013

In case you haven’t heard (haha), NaNoWriMo has official begun. This is year number two for me and I had a great first three days. I also had the opportunity to do a write in. Something I missed from my previous WriMo. It’s fun to hang out with other writers, and share this crazy experience. Here is one of my #NaNoWriMo Daily Journal from last week.

Date: November 2, 2013
Word Count:  1737
Observations:  I missed out on a write in at a local Irish pub, it’s to early in nano for life to get in the way.  Still, I was able to meet the Nano daily goal. A little less then my personal goal, but I also finished my outline and had to write my short story for the Flash Fiction Challenge Round #2. All in all, a productive day of writing. Working on the outline, the story went in a slightly different direction then I had intended. The absolute best reason why outlines are the way to go. The story didn’t quite work the other way, but now it’s more interesting and I created more tension. The scene I wrote today included the moment when the guy sees the girl for the first time. I’ve never written first person guys POV. It’s  a challenge. What does a guy say to himself when he sees a beautiful women for the first time? Is it all about sex. Would a guy describe how her smile warms his heart? I have no idea. Might need to do some male research. I also talked about how her perfect ass made him want to grab it. Maybe a mix of both will work. It helps that my guy has mommy and daddy issues. Allows me some leeway in the emotional department. 

Sports Updates

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox – 2013 World Series Champions.

NHL season started a couple of week. Go Stars!!!

NBA season started this week. Go Mavs!!!

I have denounced my citizenship to Cowboy Nation, but my sweet Peyton is having an amazing years, so I am officially a Broncos fan. I lived there for two years, so I’m allowed.

What do you want from NaNo? Do you ever join these type of contests? Have you ever won? What is your current word count? Have you ever given up on your favorite team? 

V – Victory Park

a-to-z-letters-vVictory is a fairly new area in downtown Dallas.  It was a project to revitalize the downtown area. It began with the American Airlines Arena and off of that they build the W Hotel and several high rise condo’s.  In the center of it all is Victory Plaza.


My top 10 things to do list in Victory Park:

  1. Catch a game – Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks play in the Double AC (that’s what the locals call it).
  2. See a concert at the House of Blues.
  3. Experience New Years Eve, I’ve heard it’s like Time Square, but with fewer people.
  4. Go to the Bliss Spa in the W Hotel
  5. Have drinks at Dick’s Last Resort
  6. Have a buffalo chicken sandwich and curly fries at Hooter’s
  7. Hike the Katy Trail
  8. Have a margarita at Luna De Noche
  9. Check out the music memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafe
  10. Watch a 1310 The Ticket Broadcast – 1310 The Ticket was the first all sport radio station in the US.  They have been on the air since 1994 and have a line up of guys, most who have been with the station since it’s inception.  If you listen to them for the first time, you wonder why it’s a sports station, but keep listening and you will get it.
The Show and it’s characters: 
The Musers – George Dunham aka Jub Jub, Craig Miller, aka Junior, Gordon Keith aka The Great Gordo 
Can’t Miss Segment:  Muse in the News, the Fake Jerry Jones and the Fake Tiger Woods
The Norm Hitzges Show – Norm Hitzges is a local legend
Bad Radio – Bob Sturm, Dan McDowell and Donovan Lewis
Can’t Miss Segment:  Gay Not Gay and any story Dan tells about he and his wife’s sex life. 
The Hardline – Mike Rhyner aka The Old Grey Wolf & Corby Davidson aka the snake
Can’t Miss Segment – Entertainment News for You, What’s on Mike’s Mind and Community Quick Hits
I laugh out loud all day listening to them.





Only 3 more days of A to Z Challenge, hang in there and visit more blogs.


S – Dallas Stars

a-to-z-letters-sLike I said, I am such a homer when it comes to sport. I became aware of the game of hockey on my birthday in December of 1992 when I met Mike Modano at a grocery store appearance.  He was fresh off the plane from Minnesota in town for the press conference that announced the Minnesota North Stars would be moving to Dallas, Texas for the 93-94 season.  It was quite the scandal because at that time there were no southern states with a hockey franchise. The hockey purest said there was no way hockey would be successful in Texas. It was to damn hot.  They were so wrong.

In 1999, in the 3rd sudden death overtime the Stars won the Stanley Cup Finals.  The game ended at 2:00 am and I watched every second of it.  I, along with the rest of the metroplex was hooked and a Stars fan for life.



images1 images3 Unknown




My favorite hockey player is still Brett Hull. Are you a hockey fan? 

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