X – Marks the Spot

a-to-z-letters-xI know the X is the A to Z nemesis, but I think I have a good take on X. X Marks the Spot. I thought I would share with you a few places in my past that were the center of my universe.

First, my high school. Plano Senior High School. Here ‘s a little story about my high school.


As I sit in Vogueing Corner (we were weird kids), contemplating my place in the inner circle I helped create, it hit me. Dude, your in high school. Relax.


That kind of explained my high school years. Straight edged rebellious fun peppered with quantum life contemplations and pretending to understand what a statement like ‘quantum life contemplations’ means. We always felt a little superior to those around us.  We were a group of amazing, beautiful and creative people and I am blessed to still be able to call on them for some fact checking and recommendations.

DSC02387 DSC02396 DSC02382


Second, Park & Preston. Heres a little story about the intersection of Park and Preston, in Plano, Texas.

From the age of 13 – 18, I darted back and forth across Park & Preston sometimes several times in one day. The Chili’s was on one side of the street. The movie theater on the other. Actually, there was a movie theater on both sides and a pizza place, too. My first job at Kroger was on that intersection along with my best friends job at the movie theater, my other best friends job was at Subway and my other best friends worked at the McDonalds on the corner. No wonder I have a problem with sitting still for any length of time.  We darted back and forth and back and forth, again. I should be grateful to have had a lot of experience navigating, darting traffic and learning when to stop, when to walk and when to run for my life. 

DSC02291 DSC02294

These two spots were my life from the age of 13-18 and then I left home, but when I look back and think about those times, you know what. I can’t complain. I had it pretty good.

Do you have fond memories of your adolescents years?

8 thoughts on “X – Marks the Spot

  1. Sounds like you had it pretty good. The high school looks lovely. You sure had plenty of food choices where you were. There were not many choices of eating places in the town where I went to high school–not even a McDonald’s. Now though they have just about anything you’d want. My little town has gone big city.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. Great X. If it was earlier in the AtoZ’s we might be more creative about it. As it is, by the time we get to X we’re usually too tired to bother too much. Glad you did! I’ve not been back to my school and have no pics but one day I might relive my X marks the spots.

  3. Looks like a beautiful school. Mine was all brick and little ambiance. What a great post, Sydney.

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