Y – Yard Sale

a-to-z-letters-yYard sales are big business in my neck of the woods. I gather a years worth of crap that my parents and I have stored in the garage. Pull it all out into the front yard.  Slap a price on it and then watch them swarm.  It doesn’t take any advertising at all, people spend their Saturday mornings trolling the area looking for the discarded junk of strangers.  It is amazing to me.

This year I had a funny request:

“Do you have wires?
“What kind of wires?”
“Any kind of wires? Phone wires? Computer wires? Chicken wire?”
“I have computer wires and phone wires, but they go with the computer and phone I am selling.”
“Well, how much is the computer and phone?”
“Computer 25 and phone is 5.”
“I’ll take it.”
He handed me 30 dollars, gathered his wires and started to walk away.
“Wait, you forgot your computer and phone.”
“I told you, I just need the wires.”
Great, now how am I going to explain what happened to the wires when I try and sell the computer and phone, again.

Check out my yard sale:

IMG_0340 IMG_0342








This the garage the night before.

IMG_0348 IMG_0345








The yard the next day.  We earned 486.00 on this stuff.  I should quit my day job and do yard sales full time.

Do you hold an annual yard sale or garage sale?  Do you ever buy stuff from yard sales? 




10 thoughts on “Y – Yard Sale

  1. Since I live in Scotland having a garage/yard sale would really have to be impromptu, since weather is NEVER dependable. I’m glad you made a heap of cash. We do have Car Boot (Trunk) Sales nearby, but again it can be a very cold, rainy business. Nancy at Welcome to she said, he said

  2. I have had yard sales where I sell nearly nothing. i plan to visit some this summer to collect children’s books to send to Belize to a community center called the Heart House to stock their new library.

  3. That is hilarious about the wires.
    I’ve never had a yard sale. They are big around here too. Now I know why that’s not bad pay for a days work.

  4. We used to have neighborhood garage sales and my kids loved it. Going around the neighborhood bringing home more junk for me to store when I was trying to get rid of stuff.

  5. Theyre not really that popular here in the UK, people tend to take their car full of stuff and set up a stall at a “boot fair” I wish we did have them more 🙂


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