K – Key Word Tattoo

KTattoos have gained popularity in pop culture and it seems like everyone is getting one. Tattoo’ed characters and books about tattoo culture have increased as well.

When I typed ‘tattoo’ in the keyword in Amazon Romance, it came up with 1,387 entries.

These romance books are further divided into sub categories. The top three highest:  Contemporary, New Adult/College, Romantic Suspense

The bottom three:  Christian Romance, Time Travel & African American Romance
There are another 20 more categories including, Science Fiction, Gothic & Military

If you are into tattoo romance, you have plenty to choose from.

On another note, I got this cute little tattoo when I published my second book:


Have a great week everyone!!

J – Japanese Tattoos

JJapanese tattoos and writing are a tenuous relationship, but stick with me. I have my reasons. I love japanese tattoos. I love them so much that I have a tattoo design that I want so bad, but I haven’t done it yet because it is a big tattoos and tattoo’s aren’t cheap. It is what I would call my bucket list tattoo. I have to accomplish a couple writer related goals before I can get it.

  • Goal #1 – Make the US or Amazon Best Seller List
  • Goal #2 – Surpass my day job salary in royalties
  • Goal #3 – Write full time.

Do you set goals? How do you plan to celebrate reaching your goals? 

Here is some of the inspirations for my Japanese tattoo. It will be a cool combination of a koi fish and a dragon.

Koi 1Spotted Koi 1048e010418311e1abb01231381b65e3_7 Dragon terisa-big

H – (Super) Hero Tattoos


I am a huge fan of super heros. Batman, Superman, any Avenger, I am all in. I have a special place in my heart for the Star Wars & Star Trek franchises as well. I am not alone. Several of my fellow writers have an infatuation with Super HERO and what better way to pay tribute to something you are passionate about than getting a tattoo.FullSizeRenderDSCF0969These are some of my favorites I found on the web. imagesb images imagesa   *Photos courtesy of Inked Magazine.

What Super Hero do you love enough to get tattoo on your body? 

G – Guys and Tattoos

OGn my #tattootuesday feature on my blog, I ask each inked author what they think about tattoos on their guys. Here are some of the best responses:


  • I like tracing my fingers over the blue horseshoe on his arm (he’s a Indianapolis Colts fan) and looking at the dragons makes me smile. – H.R. Willaston
  • I’m a little judgy when it comes to tattoos, so if it looks like someone’s cellmate inked it with a hot piece of metal and pen ink, yuck. I like well thought out tattoos. – Kristen Strassel
  • Of course I like! Tattoo’s are hot! – Emily R. Pearson
  • I love tattoos on men. Not just one or two that they are ashamed of…but ones that they wear proudly. Intricately designed and well done. – Lori L. Clark

Here’s some of my favorite Tattooed Guys:

colin-kapernick-gq-magazine Famous-Cool-Rock-Arm-Tattoo-For-Men-Design-Inspiration-Ideas famous-men-tattoo-1-0-s-307x512

Do you like tattoo’s on the opposite sex? Why? 

D – Dauphin, Author of The Fight Series

DI am a huge fan of Mallory Dauphin and her Fight Series. Sexy, hot characters with some major cool ink.


FIGHT by Mallory Dauphin 
Eddie and Red’s story
The FIGHT series follows Eddie and Red from first glance to HEA. Both characters have tattoos covering the majority of their body. Eddie’s Tattoos are to cover scars inflicted on him during his childhood years. Red’s tattoos are more of a way to cover emotional scars from a traumatic event a few years prior to the start of the book. Throughout the book each character learns to live and love again, with each other.
FIGHT Links:

Love wing & feather tattoos. If done right, they are so powerful. -Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

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