H – (Super) Hero Tattoos


I am a huge fan of super heros. Batman, Superman, any Avenger, I am all in. I have a special place in my heart for the Star Wars & Star Trek franchises as well. I am not alone. Several of my fellow writers have an infatuation with Super HERO and what better way to pay tribute to something you are passionate about than getting a tattoo.FullSizeRenderDSCF0969These are some of my favorites I found on the web. imagesb images imagesa   *Photos courtesy of Inked Magazine.

What Super Hero do you love enough to get tattoo on your body? 

8 thoughts on “H – (Super) Hero Tattoos

  1. These tattoos are amazing! O.o
    Personally I would probably never get a tattoo (I’m not for the whole “permanent” thing), but if I were going to get a superhero tat it would probably be Deadpool. Although I guess that would technically be an ANTIhero tat. lol

  2. I don’t have a favourite superhero but if I was going to be one she’d be called Wonder Woman – but I know that’s already taken. Not into tats myself but if pushed I’d have something tiny done in a place not many can see. Not as showy as the examples you gave!

  3. These are gorgeous. Tattoos are too permanent and personal for me to want to put one of a comic book hero on my body but, if I were the type to do so, I think I’d probably go with Captain America or the X-Men symbol.

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