K – Key Word Tattoo

KTattoos have gained popularity in pop culture and it seems like everyone is getting one. Tattoo’ed characters and books about tattoo culture have increased as well.

When I typed ‘tattoo’ in the keyword in Amazon Romance, it came up with 1,387 entries.

These romance books are further divided into sub categories. The top three highest:  Contemporary, New Adult/College, Romantic Suspense

The bottom three:  Christian Romance, Time Travel & African American Romance
There are another 20 more categories including, Science Fiction, Gothic & Military

If you are into tattoo romance, you have plenty to choose from.

On another note, I got this cute little tattoo when I published my second book:


Have a great week everyone!!

6 thoughts on “K – Key Word Tattoo

  1. Tattoos … what a great theme! And I didn’t even realize you could do searches like that on Amazon! 🙂

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