G – Guys and Tattoos

OGn my #tattootuesday feature on my blog, I ask each inked author what they think about tattoos on their guys. Here are some of the best responses:


  • I like tracing my fingers over the blue horseshoe on his arm (he’s a Indianapolis Colts fan) and looking at the dragons makes me smile. – H.R. Willaston
  • I’m a little judgy when it comes to tattoos, so if it looks like someone’s cellmate inked it with a hot piece of metal and pen ink, yuck. I like well thought out tattoos. – Kristen Strassel
  • Of course I like! Tattoo’s are hot! – Emily R. Pearson
  • I love tattoos on men. Not just one or two that they are ashamed of…but ones that they wear proudly. Intricately designed and well done. – Lori L. Clark

Here’s some of my favorite Tattooed Guys:

colin-kapernick-gq-magazine Famous-Cool-Rock-Arm-Tattoo-For-Men-Design-Inspiration-Ideas famous-men-tattoo-1-0-s-307x512

Do you like tattoo’s on the opposite sex? Why? 

7 thoughts on “G – Guys and Tattoos

  1. Yummmm…. I’m totally one of those girls that drool over boys with tats. Luckily I don’t have to look far since the hubby has some!! But Dwayne Johnson is my “hall pass”!

  2. Tattoos are awesome period, no gender considerations. I’m (im)patiently awaiting a time when I’ll have enough money to get a second one. I already have a third planned out as well. I have more ideas than I have cash, though.

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