Summer: Fact or Fiction? – The Big Reveal

It is time for the big reveal in the What I did Last Summer: Fact or Fiction? Blog Hop.  Thanks so much to all the lovely  people who stopped by and casted their votes.  I was thrilled with the response and appreciative of all those who where concerned about my health and those who enjoyed the Universe setting things back in balance (You need to read the stories to get what I am talking about).

Taking a walk down memory lane and putting these two story on paper was a great experience for me.  I truly enjoyed it and discovered I have many of these types of stories rolling around in my head.  I can use them in my WIP, might be fun.  You know – – –

Oh, all right. I will stop stalling.  Here is what you all have been waiting for:

Broke Back in Three Places – FACT

Roller Coaster Karma – FICTION

Thanks again Emily R. King and Melodie Wright  for a cool Bloghop.  I had a blast.

Make sure to stop by the other participants and see if you guessed correctly.

Have a great weekend!



IWSG and Summer: Fact of Fiction Bloghop

Ok. Busy day here at Sydney Aaliyah.  Let’s start with my Insecure Writer’s Support Group post.  I kept it short.  Then, stay to enjoy story #2 of the Summer: Fact or Fiction Blog Hop (Don’t forget to vote in the comments which story you think is true;  this one or that one).  

 The main area of stress and insecurity for this month is showing my work to other.  I am super excited to have formed a critique group with two talented writers.  We haven’t started, yet and I am scared to death to show them my work as a whole.  Introducing characters, excepts for blog post, no problem, but the entire work at one time.  Wow, scary stuff.  Now, I know I will get over it and I understand to be a published author the goal is to get others to read my work, otherwise what’s the point.  But, the initial idea of it is making me nauseous. But, I am really looking forward to the critiques, so go figure.  What am I scared of?      How did you feel the first time you let some else read your work?  Does it get easier?  
Story #2 – One summer when I was 13 and my brother was 16, our parents bought us and our friends (two each) season passes to AstroWorld in Houston, Texas.  They were trying to keep us out of trouble I guess.  The only rule, stick together.
Well, as you can image, 16 year old boys don’t really want to hang out with 13 year old girls.  Besides, my friends and I were really silly.  We broke out in song at the most in opportune times.  I still do.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if we could carry a tune.  So, as soon as we entered the park, we all went out separate ways.
On one particular beautifully hot and muggy day in Houston.  we were in line for the roller coaster.  One of my friends hated roller coasters, but we were able to finally talk her into riding it with us.   It just so happened, my brother and his friends were a couple of spots ahead of us in line for the same roller coaster. Seeing how nervous she was, one of my brother’s friends who was really obnoxious started teasing her and trying to scare her even more.
We ened up on the same ride and we started the slow, agonizing crawl to the top of the roller coasters first hill.  Even I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach.  But, that coupled with  my brother’s stupid friend yelling “We’re going to get stuck, We’re going to die.” Even I was getting nervous.
The roller coaster creeped, creeped, creeped up the hill and it got to the top and started over and then it stopped.  We were in the back so we had not made the crest when it stopped.  The obnoxious friend, he was in the second car and was hanging over the edge.
Everyone was quiet for a moment.  Thinking this was part of the ride, but after about a minute, we knew we weren’t going anywhere.  We were stuck.
The park operators had to walk up, show us all how to unhook ourselves get out and walk down.  My friend was handling it all pretty well.  But, my brother’s friend.  He was terrified.  It was hilarious.  First he refused to get out of the car.  Then, when the park workers and my brother finally talked him out of the car, he held on to the guy in front of him and cried the whole walk down.
We all made fun of him the entire ride home.
Now, did that really happen?  Let me know what you think?

I Know What You Did Last Summer – Fact or Fiction

I would like to thank Emily and Melody for allowing me to relieve a painful and bitter sweet summer memory.

This particular memory occurred quite a few years ago, but it still makes me cringe every time I think about it.

My best friend and I had earned some extra money working in my dad’s warehouse.  We did this a couple times per summer and it paid a lot; 10 whole dollars a day.  That was a lot for a couple of 12 years.  We decided to put our money together to revive my friend’s old fish tank.  But, we were way to mature for fish.  This time we were going to construct an terrarium with frogs, snakes and lizards.

Her mother had stored her old aquarium in the attic and we decided to go look for it.  The attic was on the second floor or her house.  It wasn’t a finished attic, but it looked safe enough.  It had exposed beams that criss-crossed to make a floor and exposed insulation.  I knew not to walk on the insulation.  Plywood covered half the floor and several boxes were stacked along the walls on the plywood.  It was August in Houston, Texas, hot and sticky.  We wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

“You look over there in the corner,” I looked in the direction my friend said and spotted it.  Way in the back.

Only a couple of boxes were in my path.  I stepped on a beam and moved the boxes blocking my way.  I took another step and then another and then


I fell through the floor.

Now, I don’t remember falling and I don’t remember landing.  I remember hearing the crash, but the next thing I saw was my friends face looking down at me through the hole in the ceiling.  Her head looked so small and at that point we were both kind of confused.  Then it registered to us at the same time what had happened.  She started screaming, I started crying and then the pain hit.

My best friends mom came out to see what all the noise was and she sees me lying on the concrete floor.  She starts screams.  But, not at me. No, she is screaming at her daughter whose’s head is still sticking out the hole in the ceiling.  “What the hell are you doing up there?” her mom said.

Thankfully she had the phone in her hand.  She called 911 while now yelling at us both.  “I told you I would get the damn thing?” “Why don’t you ever listen?” “You could have killed yourself.”

She was right.  I had fallen between a patio table with a glass top  and a bar b que pitt.  If I had been off just 6 inches either way, I would have been hurt even more or worse.  So, I guess you can say I was lucky.

I ended up breaking my back bone in three pieces.  My doctor said I fell perfectly. I liked that.  I felt pretty blessed.

Now the bitter sweet part, I had to spend the rest of the summer in bed.  But, I watched movies, read books,  and annoyed my mother to entertain me when I was bored.  Oh yeah, and I got to keep the terrarium in my room for the summer.

Now, did this really happen?  Come back on Wednesday and read another summer memory and let me know which one you think is true.