When in doubt, do your life!

Not an original thought of mine, but don’t quite know who to give credit to.  But, I like this.

Let’s examine this quote further.

My cousin used to always say, “You, do you!” I think it is the same concept of celebrating what is inherently you and your being and doing things that will reveal to other exactly what it is in you that is so good and pure or evil and bad.  I guess it works both ways.

Do your life. How do you do your life? Does it mean to disregard the outside influences and just look within.  Does it give us license to be selfish and only consider our own needs?  In a state of doubt, depression, confusion, distrust, and hesitation, at that time, if no other time it should give you allowance to rely on the only person that you can control.  Namely your self; you actions, your experiences, your memories, and your perceptions.

Do your life! Interesting.

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