The Level Up! Blogfest

mithrilwisdom.comI know I’m a day early, but I have a busy week ahead.  I couldn’t miss out on this Blogfest hosted by Mithril Wisdom and Geek Banter.

No one would mistake me for a gamer. You may find me occasionally playing a game of Spider Solitaire while standing in line. I have been know to giggle with glee at destroying pig shaped storm troopers on the Star Wars version of Angry Birds (blame that on on my 12 year old nephew).

But, the last time I was obsessed with a game was back in elementary school.  We had an Atari 2600 game system and I spent ours becoming a Kaboom! master. Now, I have seen this game recreated as an app, but nothing compares to playing this game on an the Atari with these special controls.


All you had to do was prevent the bombs dropped by the bandit from hitting the ground.  The more you caught, the quicker the bandit dropped them.

At a certain level, the bombs would drop so fast, you went insane (literally, not virtually) trying to catch them all.  For some reason, I was really good at this game.  Check out my favorite game, Kaboom!


What is your favorite game? 

My Weekly Update – Good Week

New Stuff

Last week I wrote about how moving back to the States has allowed me to start fresh and new with everything in my life. In the next four months I will be looking for a job, buying a new car and finding a new place to live among other things. Well, I made some progress.

I acquired a project that guarantees me a paycheck until June 1st and possibly longer. It is one of those projects where my responsibilities changes from week to week culminating in a huge charity event in May.  I enjoy these type of projects. I get bored easily.

I bought a car. It’s a 2013 Honda Civic, black and beautiful. I call her Bella Noir. My family names all of our cars and refers to them by name.  Weird?  Any way, I know her name sounds a bit stripper -ish, but you can call her Bella for short.

My Sweet Bella
My Sweet Bella

The best thing about Bella, we are linked, through my iPhone. One touch and she makes calls, plays my music and gives me directions. Love Bella.

Blog Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Now, I realize I have post dating back to June of 2011, I starting doing something online in June 2011. I wouldn’t call it blogging, though.  It was crap, don’t read it.  Then, in February, I switched over to WordPress. It took me a month to get in the groove and to decide I was going to keep at it for at least a year.

A lot has happened in a year and I’ll be spending the month of March reminding myself and the world why we do this.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun month.

What did you do for your 1 year blog anniversary? 

Post to Review

101 Tweet-Tastic Tools for 2013 by Lilach – We all love Twitter, but are you using Twitter to its full tweet-tastic capabilities?
Bring Your Fiction to Life with Emotion: An editor’s how to guide by Robb Grindstaff – I made some progress in editing this week because of this post.
The Essential Checklist for Submitting Your Novel to Agents by Brian Klems – I am working on compiling my agent submission list.
Ouch! It’s an Outline by Just Jemi – I’m a plotter at heart, but I write short stories as a panster. It’s not too bad.
How Do You Begin Your Story? by Donya Lynne – This changed the beginning of my current Edit in Progress.  Great tips
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