The Level Up! Blogfest

mithrilwisdom.comI know I’m a day early, but I have a busy week ahead.  I couldn’t miss out on this Blogfest hosted by Mithril Wisdom and Geek Banter.

No one would mistake me for a gamer. You may find me occasionally playing a game of Spider Solitaire while standing in line. I have been know to giggle with glee at destroying pig shaped storm troopers on the Star Wars version of Angry Birds (blame that on on my 12 year old nephew).

But, the last time I was obsessed with a game was back in elementary school.  We had an Atari 2600 game system and I spent ours becoming a Kaboom! master. Now, I have seen this game recreated as an app, but nothing compares to playing this game on an the Atari with these special controls.


All you had to do was prevent the bombs dropped by the bandit from hitting the ground.  The more you caught, the quicker the bandit dropped them.

At a certain level, the bombs would drop so fast, you went insane (literally, not virtually) trying to catch them all.  For some reason, I was really good at this game.  Check out my favorite game, Kaboom!


What is your favorite game? 

18 thoughts on “The Level Up! Blogfest

  1. Looks like fun! I’m starting to think I’m the only person in the blogfest who didn’t own an Atari! 🙂

  2. I remember Kaboom and remember it being hard! Great choice and i’ve been having fun seeing all the Atari choices on this hop. It brings back some fond memories 🙂

  3. I remember Atari – pong…do you know you can now get joy sticks to plug into your t.v. for those games? We have some…pong, that brick thingy, pacman…it’s nothing like the games they have out now, but these are classics!

  4. Atari had some sweet games back in the day. I still have a bunch of Atari and NES games on a hacked Xbox. I still love to play River Raid!

  5. I loved playing games on the Atari when I was a kid. Looking back the graphics and everything seem so dated and yet my memories of those times are so precious and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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