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New Memories

My favorite thing about the holiday season is creating new memories with my family. I haven’t had the chance to do that for a couple of years, so this year was extra special.  I met some of the new additions to the extended family. I reconnected with some old friends and bonded with my nephews over, japenese anime, Jake the Pirate and Angry Bird Star Wars Edition Board Game.

Coolest Game Ever and no electricity or batteries needed.
Coolest Game Ever and no electricity or batteries needed.

I hope you had a great holiday full of new beginnings.


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Thanks to Amanda for another star.  I appreciate it so much.  I know we are done with 2012, but it’s nice to still be recognized.

New Post to Praise

The 5 Big Pop Culture Moments I Can’t Wait for in 2013 by Andrew at SparklyPretty Briiiight. Thought you might want to see what to look forward to in 2013.  Personally, I can’t wait to see Pink in concert.  

12 Tips for Recovering from Writing Burnout by Jami Gold.  Jami provided some great tips in order to get back to productive writing.  

Words and Phrases that Must be Banned by C.T. Westing. Well C.T., spoiler alert, passion is trending this year in my life.  YOLO.  😉

Regrets, Resolutions and Revolutions by A.M. Schultz.  A.M. hasn’t posted much lately, but when he does, he has something to say. Most importantly, he has no regrets. 

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Next Week’s Schedule

909406_83318260-2-1-300x213The Peasant’s Revolt Flashback Blog Hop begins today. There is still time to sign up. Click on the link below to sign up and come back on Friday for my Flashback Post. Congrat’s again to the 1 year anniversary of

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Fall in love with The Sullivans Blog Tour beginnings today.  They are still looking for host, if you want to participate, click on the badge for more information.

A – Australian Vacation

In 15 days I leave for my first vacation in 10 years. My first real vacation. I have been on

long weekend trips, business trips with two days of leisure,scouting trips, inquiry trips, business interview trips, and hosting trips, but no real vacation since going to Hawai in 2002.

You might think that since I live in China, it would feel like I have been on one long vacations for the last 5 years, but it really doesn’t.I actually relocated to China just like as if I was in the states and my company relocated me to Illinois from Texas. Longer trip though. Thank God for relocation benefits.

I have a Chinese work permit. I get up every morning and drive to work, just like anyone else in the world. I just do it in China.

Now, I do live in a hotel room at a golf resort and I work in the golf business and yeah, that sounds like a vacation, but let me tell you. It is not.
I pay monthly rent at the hotel. I don’t have to pay for any other utilities, thought. That is kind of nice.
I have to do my laundry just like anyone else. Ok, I pay a lady to do my laundry. But, I have to fix my own meals. That is when I don’t feel like eating at one of the 6 restaurants at the resort.
Oh, and did I mention,  I drive a golf cart to work, not a car. But, I swear in no way does it feel like I am on vacation.

Now, I did travel around China a bit back in October of last year. Actually for 10 days. I went to Hong Kong and Beijing. I saw all the tourist attractions in China such as the Peak and the Big Budda (2nd favorite place on earth) and the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall.  But, that was with my mom and my brother.  I felt like I was more of tour guide then a tourist myself.  And, I didn’t go to another country, so it doesn’t count.  

Australia, now that is a real vacation. New Country, new culture, new experiences and I get to do what every I want to do.  I can’t wait.

If you live in Sydney Australia or have been recently,  let me know what I must see and do!