Arlington, Texas: A Premier Destination for Any Type of Traveler

Ask anyone outside of Texas if they’ve heard of Arlington, and they might think you’re talking about the city near Washington, D.C. Located 20 miles west of Dallas, the city of Arlington has worked hard and used a lot of resources to gain the respect it deserves. It offers amazing experiences for all types of travelers.

Family Fun


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As a kid growing up in Texas, Arlington was my Disneyland. Back when family road trips were still a thing, my parents piled my brother and me into the back seat of our sedan and drove 400 miles north for a fun-filled weekend in Arlington. We stayed in one of the many IHG hotels near Six Flags Over Texas and had a great time at the amusement park. It was my first experience with adult rides.

I still remember the rush of adrenaline as I spotted the outline of the Texas Giant off into the distance. At the time, it was the largest wooden roller coaster in the world. Six Flags remains a popular facility today, with rides, characters, and shows.

Sports Fanatic


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Arlington is where both the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers play. If you’re a baseball or football fan, Arlington is your mecca. The ultra-modern AT&T Stadium has been the home of the Cowboys since 2009. Metroplex residents know the stadium as The Death Star or one of a few other choice nicknames. If you want to ask somewhere where to find the stadium, have them point you in the direction of Jerry’s World.

Just across the massive parking lot is Globe Life Park. I still refer to it by its original name, The Ballpark in Arlington. It’s a classic structure that reminds you of baseball stadiums of the past. Every seat in the house is fantastic, and you can get game day seats for under $30 for most games. If you happen to plan your trip on a dollar hot dog day, you’ll be in baseball heaven. Both parks offer in-depth tours on non-game days, too.

Business Minded

Nestled between the two iconic sports stadiums is the Arlington Convention Center. With a massive 30,000-square-foot Grand Hall and another 40,000 square feet of exhibition space and meeting rooms, the convention center offers you plenty of options and amenities for meetings of five to 500.

It’s not all business when business travelers go to Arlington, though. If you need a team-building exercise, book a lane or 10 at Alley Cats or race at K1 Speed and beat the tar out of your boss with no guilt. For refreshments, you have to check out Arlington’s first locally owned brewery. The pretzel bites and pale ales are amazing at Division Brewery.

With its rapid growth and proximity to two major cities and a major international airport, Arlington, Texas, is on its way to becoming a household name. No matter what type traveler you are or what kind of trip you’re planning, Arlington has something for you.


What’s the Nerdiest Thing About You? BLOG HOP!

This is the first time in my life where I think, I might not be nerdy enough. Did you see how many Happy Potter action figures Cassie Mae has purchases. I will give it a try and you should to.
Congratulations to Cassie Mae on the release of her YA Romance novel, How to Date a Nerd. I don’t usually read YA, but I am looking forward to reading this book.  I love Cassie’s NA stuff and the premise of this book sounds really cool nerdy fun.

Blog hopNow the rules, very nerdy, I know:

Post an answer to this question: What is the nerdiest thing about you?
Post the blog hop picture on your post and on your sidebar.
Post the Goodreads link to How to Date a Nerd (oh look, here it is! I’ll make it easy :))

What is the nerdiest thing about me?

I am a Dallas Cowboys Fan. I have been all my life. I was particularly nerdy about them during the 1997-1998 season.  It was two year after the last of their three Super Bowl wins.  I went to a total of 12 games that season. All home games and 4 away games (New York, DC, Green Bay & Philadelphia).

Every star on team had a radio or television show in the Dallas market and you could find me in the audience of one or more every week.

I collected every newspaper from the day after each game of that season and kept them in plastic bags.

I have a series of three photos of Troy Aikman during that time:

  1. The first one is of him waving at me as I took the photo at a radio show.
  2. The second one is of him at a game looking in my general direction looking for me in the stands.
  3. The third I actually made it in the photo at the opening of a grocery store.

I collected cups, key chains, posters, magazine articles and I have an unusual amount of beer coasters with random Cowboy player autographs on them. I have them all in a trunk in my parents attic marked Cowboy Stuff, Do NOT Throw Away!!!!

And, if that wasn’t nerdy enough, I wrote an entire 30,000 word (approx. I hand wrote it in my journal) manuscript–dialogue only–of an embarrassingly passionate romance between Troy Aikman and some girl named Sydney (It’s not me, I swear. ;-)).

Here’s a short excerpt:

“Do you love football more than me?”
“No. Do you love being a lawyer more then you love me.”
“No, but being a lawyer isn’t my passion, football is yours.”
“I have room for more than one passion in my life.”
“Oh, Troy.”
“I love you, Syd.”
“I love you, too.”

*OMG, someone please tell me I’ve gotten better at this.

This face still does it for me.
This face still does it for me.

So, there you have it. Am I a nerd or what? It’s your turn, what is the nerdiest thing about you?

T – Troy Aikman

a-to-z-letters-tHe boarded the plane and looked at me, the slightest hint of recognition registered on his face. He sat in the seat across the aisle. While settling in, I noticed him looking in my direction out of his peripheral vision. I can’t imagine what slight face tick he read on my face. I tried to maintain a neutral facial expression, but inside it took every ounce of control I had muster not to point and scream,  “Oh, my god, you’re Troy Aikman.”
We caught each other peeking and it got to a point where it would have been uncomfortable to look away, considering we hadn’t even begun a 5 hour plane ride.
“We have met before.” I said.
“I thought you looked familiar.” He smiled appearing relieved in my confirmation.
“We’ve meet several times, actually.” I said.
“Give me a hint.” I turned in my set to face him, but the coach class passengers were boarding the plane and to begin a conversation would have been awkward, pause every sentence to avoid talking into strangers’ hip as they walked by.
He stood up and motioned to the flight attendant.
“Is anyone sitting next to her?” he said pointing at me.
“Yes, but we can switch his seat, Mr. Aikman.”
He thanked the attendant and retrieved a black computer bag from under the seat.
I moved to the window seat and Troy settled in.  
“Think football.”
He laughed, “You’re going to have to be more specific.”
I laughed, too, realizing how ridiculous that sounded, but for some strange reason I wasn’t embarrassed.
“Ok, think Dallas Cowboys.”
“You’re not going to make this easy for me?”
“Well, what fun would that be?” I tiled my head and could feel a coy smile spreading across my lips. I reached out and touched his arm lightly. I mean, it was just lying there on the arm rest.
OMG, Am I flirting with Troy Aikman?
He might have flirted back if the flight attendant hadn’t interrupted and told me to fasten my seat belt. We were about to take off.
From where the flight attendant stood giving the safety demonstration, I could study the side of his face.   Not only was I closer to him then our three previous meetings, I had all the time I needed to settle into the fact I still had a huge crush on him.  His gold hair had darkened a bit and his nose, which was way to big for his face when he was drafted, seem to settle nicely.  He had the cutest lines next to his eyes and the curve of his lips made him appear not so serious.  It’s true what they say, men get better looking with age.  
“The House of Blues opening in the West End.” I said.
“Yeah, it was the Wednesday after the game you busted you’re chin and bit through your tongue.” I pulled my knee into the seat and turned towards him. “See, you were at the buffet table eating shrimp and I stood across the table from you and you said you hadn’t had anything solid to eat since Sunday because of the stitches in your tongue.”
I was rambling.
“I took a shrimp and ate it and I think I said something like, this is so good and you laughed at me.”
“Okay,” he said slowly, I couldn’t tell if he was trying to remember, or if he didn’t believe me. I had my facts straight, I remember that game like it was yesterday.  
“I met you again at the Troy & Emmitt golf tournament.” He nodded his head, “My mother asked you to take a photo with me because I was leaving for college the next year.” I didn’t realize at the time, but what a stupid to use in order to score a photo. He must have thought I was a freak.  
“And, the last time we meet was at the Ring of Honor party at the Stadium Club.”
“You were wearing black.”
“Yes.” I grabbed his arm, again. “Wait, everyone was wearing black. It was a black party.”
He smiled and maybe I was imagining it or it was wishful thinking on my part, but he was staring at my lips. We sat staring at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time. Thank god this time, the flight attendant appeared. 
“Can I get you a drink?” she asked Troy.
“You want something?” Troy asked me.
“Make that two.”
“What are we celebrating?” Troy asked.
 The flight attendant handed a glass to me and then to Troy. She shot the hugest grin in Troy’s directions. It made me feel good watching him ignore her and concentrate on me. 
“To second chances.” 
“Second chances,” He said.
The sound of the crystal glasses echoed between us and I took a sip. He watched me as he took a sip.
Funny, I didn’t  feel like the little fat girl on the outside look in, anymore.

For the record, Troy was very nice the few times I meet him, but I don’t know him.  My parents were in the industry and the sports world in Dallas is small.

I’ve been thinking about this story idea for awhile.  One of my favorite quotes is “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

UnknownWhat if a girl was placed back into the life she ran away from because she never measured up? Even if she was different now, would the result be different.   Or will she still be on the sidelines (pun intended) wishing she could get in the game.  Or maybe once she got in the game, it wasn’t as fun to play as she imagined it would be.  Or maybe not all the people in the game want to play with her.  I love brainstorming story ideas.

Have you ever meet your celebrity crush? How did they measure up to the image you had in your head?  


C – Cowboy Stadium


My insecurity stems from my subject for the day. I am an insecure sports fan.  We have a new season coming up, a new defensive coordinator and a quarterback with a totally underserving new contract.  Why is this relevant to IWSG? When I feel good, I write good. When I feel bad, dissapointed and dejected, I write not good. The Cowboys are going to suck. That’s my hot sports IWSG opinion.

I hope Alex excuses my levity in this months IWSG post considering the pressure of the A to Z Challenge.

a-to-z-letters-c“Look at it.” Hailee pointed up at the metallic structure. “It does look like the death star.”
“No it doesn’t.” Brian tried the door, but it wouldn’t budge. He pushed the next door, again, locked.
It’s round, ominious.” Hailylee placed her hand on the structure. “I bet Darth Vader’s in there right now reading out thoughts.”
“Darth Vader controls thoughts, he doesn’t read them.”
Brian tried another door. Locked, “What’s so precious in there that every door has to be locked.”
“Here, let me try.” Hailee put her hand on the next door and pushed. It opened.
He grabbed her hand, “Come on.”
They walked into the structure. The energy flowed from the structure through him. It practically buzzed.
“You feel that?” Hailee said. “It’s alive. Just like the Death Star.”
Rolling his eyes, he pulled Hailyee down the corridor. Feeling the smooth metal walls along the way. They were cold to the touch. Strange considering it was 90 degrees outside.
The hall took a sudden left turn.  The light from outside did not.
“I think we should go back.”
“Let’s keep going.” Several feet more, there was a faint light visible in the distance. The comfort of the light encouraged them to walk faster.
Brian dared to take his eyes away from the light for a second to make sure Hailee saw what he saw. As they drew closer, they could feel the warmth. They entered a large open space, but didn’t notice, they were mesmerized. The light, warm and inviting, bobbed up and down in the middle of the space.
Hailee reached for it, but Brian pulled her hand back. “No, don’t touch it.”
“I have to, it’s so beautiful.”
“No must not touch,” It was hard for him to articulate because every ounce of his being wanted to touch it, too.
“Why?” Hailee whispered.
“Because, we haven’t earned the right.” As soon as the last syllable left his lips, the light exploded into a thousand lights. The blinding light knocked Brian and Hailee down.
The roof parted and sun shined brightly in there eyes.
“Yes,” a voice from above said. “You have not earned the right, but  you will, I promise, you will.” 
Brian and Hailee laid there, on the star, basking in the greatness that is Cowboy Stadium. 

DSC02243 DSC02235 images

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to visit 26 of 32 NFL stadiums, so I am fully qualified to declare Cowboy Stadium is the coolest stadium in the world, and not just because the local media refer to it as The Death Star.

I am done with sports and stadiums for awhile, at least until I get to V.  What’s your favorite stadium? Any insecurities to share?