C – Cowboy Stadium


My insecurity stems from my subject for the day. I am an insecure sports fan.  We have a new season coming up, a new defensive coordinator and a quarterback with a totally underserving new contract.  Why is this relevant to IWSG? When I feel good, I write good. When I feel bad, dissapointed and dejected, I write not good. The Cowboys are going to suck. That’s my hot sports IWSG opinion.

I hope Alex excuses my levity in this months IWSG post considering the pressure of the A to Z Challenge.

a-to-z-letters-c“Look at it.” Hailee pointed up at the metallic structure. “It does look like the death star.”
“No it doesn’t.” Brian tried the door, but it wouldn’t budge. He pushed the next door, again, locked.
It’s round, ominious.” Hailylee placed her hand on the structure. “I bet Darth Vader’s in there right now reading out thoughts.”
“Darth Vader controls thoughts, he doesn’t read them.”
Brian tried another door. Locked, “What’s so precious in there that every door has to be locked.”
“Here, let me try.” Hailee put her hand on the next door and pushed. It opened.
He grabbed her hand, “Come on.”
They walked into the structure. The energy flowed from the structure through him. It practically buzzed.
“You feel that?” Hailee said. “It’s alive. Just like the Death Star.”
Rolling his eyes, he pulled Hailyee down the corridor. Feeling the smooth metal walls along the way. They were cold to the touch. Strange considering it was 90 degrees outside.
The hall took a sudden left turn.  The light from outside did not.
“I think we should go back.”
“Let’s keep going.” Several feet more, there was a faint light visible in the distance. The comfort of the light encouraged them to walk faster.
Brian dared to take his eyes away from the light for a second to make sure Hailee saw what he saw. As they drew closer, they could feel the warmth. They entered a large open space, but didn’t notice, they were mesmerized. The light, warm and inviting, bobbed up and down in the middle of the space.
Hailee reached for it, but Brian pulled her hand back. “No, don’t touch it.”
“I have to, it’s so beautiful.”
“No must not touch,” It was hard for him to articulate because every ounce of his being wanted to touch it, too.
“Why?” Hailee whispered.
“Because, we haven’t earned the right.” As soon as the last syllable left his lips, the light exploded into a thousand lights. The blinding light knocked Brian and Hailee down.
The roof parted and sun shined brightly in there eyes.
“Yes,” a voice from above said. “You have not earned the right, but  you will, I promise, you will.” 
Brian and Hailee laid there, on the star, basking in the greatness that is Cowboy Stadium. 

DSC02243 DSC02235 images

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to visit 26 of 32 NFL stadiums, so I am fully qualified to declare Cowboy Stadium is the coolest stadium in the world, and not just because the local media refer to it as The Death Star.

I am done with sports and stadiums for awhile, at least until I get to V.  What’s your favorite stadium? Any insecurities to share? 

21 thoughts on “C – Cowboy Stadium

  1. Don’t go to stadiums and such anymore. Don’t like crowds or spending that much money. I went to the Rose Bowl about ten years ago. I guess it was kind of cool, but I don’t really remember all that much.

  2. I have to start on my second draft, and feel like I may not ever want to look at my first draft again. That’s my current insecurity, shared.

  3. I Love. Sports. They have been a part of my life since I was a kid. Rooting for a team can give you such ups and downs. And as a fellow NFL fan, I am sorry that you are a Cowboys fan for next year, almost as sorry as I am for Romo’s contract.

    We Are Adventure

  4. As a non-follower of sports, I’m ill-placed to offer advice. But, even if The Cowboys struggle, are there other ways you can make yourself feel great, to help your writing vibe?

  5. Cowboys! I’m not a football fan, but somehow I ended up being a Cowboys fan when I was younger. Only time I’ve watched the super bowl was when they went in ’96.

  6. I loved the suspense in this piece, as I wondered whether Darth Vader really did lurk inside! Haven’t been to many stadiums, personally, but now I feel a bit of the excitement. 🙂
    Insecurities? Where do I start?!
    Will anybody ever pay to read my work? Is my work good enough for someone to pay for!? Will my short story be accepted for the anthology I submitted it to? Is my story silly … ?
    Ah, well, I press on. 🙂

  7. I am completely jealous. I love the Cowboys and have since I was a little girl. I too fear they’ll be bad this year. I’m going to visit that stadium some day.

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