G – The Game


I say I’m a sports romance writers, but up until now, I’ve only written about football. That is my GAME. I love it. Every aspect of it, the stories on and off the field. I love the drama, triumph, tragedy, and emotion of it all. It is such a microcosm of our society, but every scandal draws attention because they are in the spotlight.

Football has it bad guys (Rice, Hardy, A. Smith) and its good guys (Aikman, E. Smith, Johnston) – I’m a Cowboy fan if you can’t tell. 

It has its characters and its all about second chances, or third or sometimes four.

In most occupations, there is a separation between work life and personal life, but I think to be a good professional athlete, to be a good football player, the game has to be your life.

I think that’s why I write about these complex characters because to be good, the game has to be their life, but if something is above the game, it’s love.

Love will throw anyone off their game.

Excerpt from Anxious Love: 

I wasn’t sure how she did it; she didn’t offer advice, she listened and asked questions and I didn’t feel weird about telling her my insecurities.

“Nothing is going to make him feel good about you taking his job.” Her little face scrunched up as she thought about how to help me.

My bad mood was gone. The killer blowjob helped, but what sealed it was lying in bed next to this beautiful woman. She might be cute and little, but she was wise and she understood me.

“Yeah, I could learn right tackle if I have to, but I am always looking at what’s best for the team. In three practices, it’s a little disillusioning to find out not everyone feels the same.”

“It’s weird when you all of sudden discover the world is different than you would like it to be.”

I smirked.

See what I mean about wise.

What is your favorite GAME and why? 

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