H -Humor


I am not sure, but I think I might be funny. I mean, I have a sense of humor and my characters say funny things and I think it comes across on the page. Heck, I might be fooling myself, but you decide.

Excerpt from Anxious Love: 

“Will you step back? My neck’s getting sore looking up at you.”

He stepped back and gave me the sternest look. I couldn’t help it; I laughed. To his credit, he tried to maintain the seriousness the situation called for, but he laughed, too. I marched up three steps on my neighbor’s stoop.

“There.” I placed my hands on my hip. “Now, I can talk to you face-to-face. Freakin’ giant.” That last part, I whispered under my breath.

Ryan smirked and shook his head.

“Come here.”

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I concentrated on the nature so much that I didn’t hear Leah walked back into the bedroom. She came up behind me, her hand underneath my t-shirt, pushing it up.

“What are you doing?” I looked over my shoulder.

“Trying to get you naked.” She pushed my shirt up and laid small little kisses on my back. They tickled. “Are you going to help me or am I going to have to get a stepladder?”

I laughed as I spun around and grabbed her behind the legs and tossed her over my shoulder.

“Ryan put me down.” She giggled and squirmed as I stalked over to the king-size bed and tossed her down. She blew the hair out of her face and blinked.

“If you want me to take my clothes off, all you had to do was ask, little one.” I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it at her. It covered her eye. She pulled it off her and discarded it on the floor. I reached in my back pocket and fished out a condom and threw on the bed.

“Way to be prepared, big guy,” she said and giggled.

Do you think you are funny? 

2 thoughts on “H -Humor

  1. I like both. Very well written. I can relate to the first one, especially as that has happened to me. It’s not difficult as I am a shortie 🙂

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