Release Blast – Rekindled Moments by Dori Lavelle

RekindledMoments.DoriRekindled Moments (Moment in Time #2) by Dori Lavelle

Synopsis:  The truth will always find a way out.

Carlene Adams’ new life has been an illusion, her newfound joy just for rent. The life she craves can’t really belong to a girl who is responsible for someone’s death.

Her greatest fear has been realized. Nick Johnson, her second chance at love, has discovered her true identity and disappeared from her life.

She will need to find a way to move on without Nick. But the memories of their time together haunt her relentlessly. As Serendipity’s Businessman of the Year, his face is everywhere—in magazines, on the television screen, and behind her eyelids. Soon, rumors about her past cause her life to spin out of control, and she finds herself even further from her dreams.

But Carlene is good at hiding from the past. She’s done it once before. She can do it again. She can leave her hometown and begin again somewhere new. But she can’t move on without telling Nick the truth about the life he thinks she took, and everything that came before.


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Author Bio:  

Dori Lavelle is a mother, wife, and lover of happy endings and mint chocolate. She thinks love and chocolate make such a perfect pair. Give her a great romance novel and a mug of hot chocolate and she’d be one happy woman. Don’t forget to leave behind a couch with lots of cushions. And maybe light the fireplace?

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Rumor Has It by Elisabeth Grace

Rumor Has It Elisabeth Grace-ebooksm2Rumor Has It by Elisabeth Grace

(Limelight #1) 
Publication date: December 6, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Synopsis:  All publicity is good publicity, right? Unless you’re recent college grad Ellie Wagner and an embarrassing video of you and your boyfriend goes viral. Every man in your life abandons you, but who knew a one-minute clip of your latest doomed relationship would brand you a slut, prevent you from getting your perfect job, and force you to keep doing the one thing you swore you’d never do again…live with your mother.

But staying with mom and her latest boy-toy (is this husband number four or five?) until your life turns around might not be all bad. Especially when you fall – literally – at the feet of a sexy, green-eyed stranger who offers you freedom and a life of luxury on a gold-rimmed platter.

There’s only one little problem – the man of your dreams is none other than Mason Nash, the latest hip-hop star busting up the music charts. Fame and fortune are his calling cards and he’s vying to steal the show on a new reality TV series that will catapult him into mainstream stardom. Hello spotlight.

The man behind the famous persona is perfect for Ellie in every way, but can she overcome the ugly pitfalls that come with Mason’s celebrity status? Or will she be forced to choose between the man she loves and the independent life she longs for? After all, fame and fortune aren’t always what they seem and not all publicity is good publicity…

“That’s one of the reasons I like you so much. My fame actually works against me with you. I don’t have to worry about you selling a story to the tabloids, or calling in a tip about where we might be so a picture of us together will show up in the media. I know you aren’t going to leak any of the texts I send you.”

“But you can’t know that about me. How could you? We just met.”

He bent his head and kissed my forehead while squeezing me with his arms. “I know.”

With that declaration Mason Nash stole a sliver of my heart. I knew his trust wasn’t given easily.

I didn’t like how much I was growing to need him, how quickly. I didn’t want to feel attached to him. I wasn’t a novice at relationships but if I was honest I’d never really loved anyone. I always knew at the back of my mind that if things didn’t work out I could cut and run and life would continue as I knew it.

I couldn’t escape the feeling that when Mason left, my life wouldn’t go on as it had before. I’d be altered in some way. I hoped against all hope that the piece of my heart he took with him wouldn’t be too large.

We laid in silence for a long while. Our breathing became steadier and my eyes grew heavy as sleep took hold. I fell asleep on Mason’s chest listening to his rhythmic heartbeat, hoping that when he left he wouldn’t rip mine from my chest.


Author Bio: 

ElisabethRachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of The Preservation Series, The Resistance Trilogy, and the upcoming sci-fi series, The Keepers Trilogy. When she’s not writing, she’s busy learning French, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment.

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Insecure Writer’s Support Group


This month’s co-hosts are Sheena-kay Graham, Julie Musil, Jamie Ayres, and Mike Swift. Please be sure to thank them for their time and effort to make all IWSG members feel welcome. 

Let me set the scene. It’s 5:30 pm and I’ve finished my day job. In front of me, I have following task:

  • Quick read through and edit of a couple of chapters to send to my critique partners.
  • Revisions on two chapters to stick to my goal of finishing edits on this WIP by mid-Feb.
  • Write the first paragraph to a new MS for my Creative Workshop.

Which ‘free flowing, creative and something out of nothing’ task filled my heart with bliss.
Which ‘nit picky, mind numbing, never know if I’m doing it right’ task filled my brain with resentment.

Really, why can’t I get paid to create first drafts.

Because that’s ridiculous, but it makes me wonder, does anyone enjoy the editing process? If so, how did you get to that point?

Tattoo Tuesday – Jade Eby


Jade, welcome to Tattoo Tuesday. Your five questions start now:  

1.  How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  I was just a youngin when I got my first tattoo — 18.

2.  How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more? Right now I have 7 tattoos and I’m already planning my next one! I am *slightly* obsessed with ink and if I could, I’d be totally covered in them. I don’t have pictures of them all, but I have one on my foot, two on my stomach, one on my hip, a full rib piece on my right side, a small tattoo on my upper left rib cage and a half sleeve.

3.  What inspired you to get your first tattoo or favorite tattoo?  Tell me your tattoo story. My first tattoo is very special as I got it with my sister and she actually hadn’t turned 18 yet so my parents signed a waiver so we could them done together. It’s the same tattoo just on opposite sides of our feet. It’s a Celtic knot with our initials. We grew up best friends and it was so cool to do something that signified our closeness. Even though it wasn’t *that* long ago that I got it, it feels like eons ago and I hardly remember whether it hurt or not.FootBut my favorite tattoo is my most recent one. I’d been really thinking about a special tattoo for a while but I promised myself I would not get it until I published my first book. And honestly, I thought it would never happen.

Except it did.
So I decided to follow through on my promise. I found a fantastic artist near me, Cory Abernathy at Rubber Monkey Tattoo Shop and he took my idea and turned it into a magnificient replication of my imagination. The phoenix on my upper arm (when it’s done will be a half sleeve) is gorgeous. Full of all my favorite colors and so vivid. It’s representative of not just the trials I’ve overcome in my life but particularly important to my writing life. Because as a writer, I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to give up. But every time I come up against an obstacle, I break down the walls and get back to it. It’s also a Harry Potter reference because, well, I’m a Harry Potter nerd 🙂
My third tattoo, which is a cancer ribbon, is very near to me as I have many family members that have been diagnosed with cancer. It’s on my ribs to remind me just how close to the heart cancer survivors are to me. CancerRibbon

4. Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike? Explain why?   I LOVE tattoos, period. So the fact that my husband has some is just natural. He has one on his back and he’s working on a half sleeve which I find incredibly sexy. He has these great arms too, so when it’s finished, it’s going to look badass.

5. Do the character’s in your books have tattoos? If so, pick a character and tell me his or her tattoo story? Why was this story incorporated in the book?  I feel like characters with tattoos is getting to the point of cliche in books now. It seems like every time I pick up a book, the characters all have one. That’s cool though, because it’s showing how far our society has come in accepting them. That said — I do have a few characters that have tattoos. In my new novel, THE FINISH, one of my main characters has a sleeve of tattoos on both arms and I love the way it fits into her personality. She’s kind of crazy and wild but she’s completely unique and fresh in my eyes. I just love her to pieces.

About Jade: 

AuthorPicOnce upon a time there was a little girl who fell in love with books then she grew up to write her own.

Jade has participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) seven times and enjoys copious amounts of coffee. When she’s not writing, she enjoys trashy reality T.V. and reading everything she can get her hands on.
Mommy to two dogs and two naughty kitties, she feels like she might be on her way to having a zoo. You can find her on almost every social networking site that aids in her procrastination.BOOKS collage

To learn more about Jade, connect with her on her Blog, Twitter, Facebook and on Goodreads

If you have a book coming out or just want to tell your tattoo story and want to be featured on Tattoo Tuesday, let me know by leaving me a message in the comments.  

My Monthly Update

Latest News

I do apologize for the late post, I saved it for one reason and one reason only. Then, my reason lost by 35 points. I still love you, Peyton.

Congrats to Bruno Mars. Brilliant Halftime show.

I have a new author Facebook Page, Sydney Aaliyah Michelle, everyone, please like it.

January Update: 

SAM & Associates LLC has been created. I created an entity to run my self publishing empire. I figure if I am going to do this business, I need to treat it like a business. That includes creating a business plan, which I am working on now.

Editpalooza didn’t quite work out of for me because of the lack of feedback, but the Savvy Authors were amazing and I have listen to the Three Pass Editing Webinar and acquired a more systematic plan for self editing my books. This doesn’t eliminate hiring an editor before you publish. I am an staunch believer in if your going to invest in your book, do it with the editing process.

I have attended two of my Creative Writing Workshop and I am really enjoying it. I enjoy talking about writing more than I thought I would. I also read my first short story to the class, it was a character exercise, and everyone loved it. I could get used to that feeling.

I turned Another New Life over to more beta readers and received some positive feedback. I had one person offer some harsh feedback, but once I looked through her tone (:-) tone in writing) and read her notes, it was helpful. I am working on edits, now and have completed 7 our of 37 chapters.

Goals for February: 

SAM & Associates LLC – finish business plan.

Writing Workshop – continue participating and creating content for my workshop.

Editing – I gave myself until February 16th to finish edits on Another New Life and then I turn it over to my editor. :-0

Awesome Blogs – a couple of blogs I found this month. Check them out and follow them.

New Adult Rockstars – New Adult blog created by a New Adult author and content provided by the best in New Adult.

Savvy & Writers & e-Books online – helpful tips on all things Writing & Publishing.

Have you signed up for A to Z Challenge? If no, click the badge in the upper left hand corner. It’s a blast and a great way to meet new bloggers. This will be my third challenge. 

Last month I won a free blog button design from Arlee Bird Cheerfest and created by Jeremy Hawkins. I am proud to share it with you today.

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Thanks so much Arlee & Jeremy.