B – Ballpark at Arlington

a-to-z-letters-bThe Ballpark at Arlington is the home of the Texas Rangers. When it comes to sports, I am a total homer. I love my home town teams. This building is amazing and so unique for this area. You will understand better when you see what sits next door, tomorrow.


“Dude, she’s here.” Adam said while pushing me out of the dugout.
“I know. I see her.” Truth is, I had spotted her as soon as she entered the stadium. Three games in a row, she was here. Sitting in the same seat.  Her red hair and pale skin was a contrast to the darker complexions in the stadium. She came alone and sat alone on the 3rd base line.
“You going to go talk to her?”
“Adam, I am a professional baseball player and I have a game to play.”
“Your a chicken shit.” He yelled and trotted out to left field. He turned back one last time and tossed the ball to me.
“If you don’t by the end of warm ups, then I will.”
I threw the ball purposely over his head so he would have to jump to catch it. When he came back down, he tripped over the 2nd base. I looked over at her and she was laughing at him. 
I walked over and kicked the third base. I yelled for Samson on first to throw me the ball. It hit my glove with a thud.  I retrieved it, threw it to Davis on second. Davis threw it back to Samson on first and back to me again, thud.  I loved the sound of that thud. 
I peaked behind me and she smiled at me.
I guess this was my chance. I headed over to the stands and handed her the ball, “First practice ball of the game goes to the prettiest girl in the stands.”
She laughed. I walked back to the base and continued with warm ups.
After warm ups, I look over to the red headed girl one more time before heading in the dugout. She tossed the ball to the third base coach.
“Damn it.” I said out loud. Defeated, I went back into the locker room.
“Dude, what happen?” Adam asked.
“I guess she was immune to my charm.” I turn towards the 3rd base coach yelling my name.
“Smith, here.” He tossed a ball at me. Instinctively, I caught it, thud.
I watched coach leave the locker room laughing.
“Look at the ball, dumb ass.” Adam said.

 Happy you finally took a swing. Home run.  Call me. Amanda 555-4823

The Ballpark can be a romantic place.  

DSC02255 Unknown

38 thoughts on “B – Ballpark at Arlington

  1. Cute story. I’ve been to that ballpark once. I took my son who was a big Yankees fan to see NY play the Rangers. It was on a July 4th back in the mid-1980’s. They had fireworks after the game. It was like the perfect all American type day.

    1. Hey Arlee, that would have been Arlington Stadium. They knock that place down in 1994 and the Ballpark at Arlington was open. I went to the old park as well. If you get a chance the ballpark is worth seeing.

  2. We love our home town teams here, too. As a newer sports fan, I don’t necessarily share the rivalry passion, but I do love seeing our teams win.

    I loved the story, so lighthearted and fun. I was grinning through the whole thing.

  3. Ballparks are one of the more iconic sporting arenas, I think. I mean, I love Gillette Staduim and all, but nothing (of this sort of thing anyway) represents Boston like Fenway Park!

    1. I want to see Fenway and the Green Monster, but I think my trip is after baseball season. You right, ballparks are classic. But, check out my Cowboy Stadium Post tomorrow. It is quite impressive (the stadium, not the post).

  4. Hi Sydney, another nice flash fic. I expected the end this time 🙂 Can’t wait to read more from you this month!
    Amelia (wordsfromsonobe.wordpress.com)

  5. My hub is a HUGE baseball fan. Actually, he had a baseball scholarship when he went to college. I, on the other hand, hmm, tolerate baseball . . . do admit the game’s gotten faster . . . and did surprise hub with tickets to a Nationals home game in Nats Park on the 14th . . . but, hmmm

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