Misha, Why Do You Blog?

I have know Mish from My First Book  for quite awhile. She interviewed me on July 24, 2012 and her first comment on my blog was on September 18, 2012 in response to the Genre Favorites Blogfest (A Ninja Captain Alex creation).   

“I used to LOVE James Patterson, but it now feels like he just churns out stories without caring about quality. I mean, he never even writes his books any more. :-/”

So, Misha, why do you blog?

When Sydney asked me to write a post on this topic, I was sort of stumped. Not because I don’t have a reason for blogging, but because I have so many motivations for blogging that it’s difficult to pick one.

Basically, I started blogging because writing book after writing book highlighted the importance of building a platform. Easy, I’d thought. It wasn’t.

Blogging is actually very hard work, if you want to build a big following. And the bigger it becomes, the more work you have. So although having a following might one day be useful when I have a book to sell, it’s not really the reason why I blog. If it was, I’d have given up years ago.

No. Now that I’m actually writing this, I realize that most of the reasons why I blog comes down to one. You. Yes. You. The wonderful person reading this.

By writing something on my blog or someone else’s, I’m gifted with a wonderful opportunity to touch your life. If you comment, you get to touch mine in return.

I find that to be a wonderful experience. You advise me, guide me, sometimes you just listen to me or even commiserate with me. All that you require is that I do the same for you.

If you think about it, blogging is actually a profound experience. One we take for granted sometimes, but amazing all the same.

And I’m honored to be part of such an amazing online community.

Why do you blog? 

22 thoughts on “Misha, Why Do You Blog?

  1. Misha, that’s such a great reason – and you said it so well. These personal connections and the positive energy here is definitely what keeps me coming back.

    Thanks for posing the question, Sydney!

  2. Hi Misha, Your captured my reasons in words better than my own thoughts could – so your reasons are fast becoming my reasons too. (now to save myself on commenting on 3 different posts I will also add here) I enjoyed your handwriting post on Amlokiblogs and wish you all the very best with your publishing deal for Doorways.

  3. Good answer! And I think it pretty well reflects why most of us continue to blog. We’ve discovered an amazing (and surprising) sense of community, and the joy of getting to connect with all kinds of people from all over the world.

  4. A nice post. I also started blogging when I started the submission process – under the advice at a writing talk that it was important to build your profile. I have not done anything near enough work to build a significant following but I found to my surprise that I love blogging, nonetheless and I have made contact with really nice people along the way.

  5. Interesting post.
    I started blogging to motivate myself to keep writing my book. It’s working so far and I’ve managed to meet a lot of interesting people.

  6. I agree. Blogging is like writing a special letter to someone else in the world and setting it afloat on the sea of the web. Never before, could humand touch so many strangers.

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