Misha, Why Do You Blog?

I have know Mish from My First Book  for quite awhile. She interviewed me on July 24, 2012 and her first comment on my blog was on September 18, 2012 in response to the Genre Favorites Blogfest (A Ninja Captain Alex creation).   

“I used to LOVE James Patterson, but it now feels like he just churns out stories without caring about quality. I mean, he never even writes his books any more. :-/”

So, Misha, why do you blog?

When Sydney asked me to write a post on this topic, I was sort of stumped. Not because I don’t have a reason for blogging, but because I have so many motivations for blogging that it’s difficult to pick one.

Basically, I started blogging because writing book after writing book highlighted the importance of building a platform. Easy, I’d thought. It wasn’t.

Blogging is actually very hard work, if you want to build a big following. And the bigger it becomes, the more work you have. So although having a following might one day be useful when I have a book to sell, it’s not really the reason why I blog. If it was, I’d have given up years ago.

No. Now that I’m actually writing this, I realize that most of the reasons why I blog comes down to one. You. Yes. You. The wonderful person reading this.

By writing something on my blog or someone else’s, I’m gifted with a wonderful opportunity to touch your life. If you comment, you get to touch mine in return.

I find that to be a wonderful experience. You advise me, guide me, sometimes you just listen to me or even commiserate with me. All that you require is that I do the same for you.

If you think about it, blogging is actually a profound experience. One we take for granted sometimes, but amazing all the same.

And I’m honored to be part of such an amazing online community.

Why do you blog? 

Insecure Writer’s Support Group

My blog schedule this week has been turned upside down. I can’t believe I almost forgot about IWSG.

As always, we have Alex J. Cavanaugh to thank for gathering like minded writers together to vent and support.  This month, we also need to thank Misha Gericke and Joylene Nowell Butler.  Even a Ninja Captain needs some help every once in awhile. 

InsecureWritersSupportGroupMy goal this month with IWSG is to stave off some future insecurities.  As I mentioned before, I’m attending a few writer’s conferences this year. The first one is March 22-25, the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival.  There is this great session about using the city of New Orleans as the setting in your novel.  Since, my first novel is set in New Orleans, I can’t wait.

Here’s were I need help.  I’ve been thinking about how to introduce myself.   I was thinking something like, “Hi, my name is Sydney, I write romantic comedies are you a writer/agent/publisher/editor/reader/blogger?” Then depending on their answer, the conversation will continue accordingly?

I am joking. I want to leave an impression somewhere between “let’s give her a 100,000.00 advance today” and “Did you hear about that girl Sydney? Stay away from her.”

What is the best way to introduce yourself at these event? 

Btw, check out my new business cards. Suggestions welcomed. I haven’t gone to print, yet.


The Word Master Challenge – How Not to Write a Novel Beginning


This challenge is brought to you by Misha at My First Book.  The idea of the Word Master Challenge is simple. Every month, (except possibly April), she’ll announce a theme for the challenge. It’ll be writing related in some way, but she’ll try to make every theme a little different. The winner of the month’s challenge wins a voucher to the internet book vendor of their choice or a 10 chapter crit from me.

January’s challenge is: HOW NOT TO WRITE A NOVEL BEGINNING.

I woke up from a nightmare, sweaty and cold. The deep, dark, black, cold, murky, dank, night was creeping into my room awkwardly. I sat up and looked out the window hesitantly. I knew I wouldn’t like what I saw, but I looked anyway. And, I was right.
“I have been waiting for you to wake up,” the creature squeaked with his high pitch, piercing, low voice.
I got out of bed and walking over to the window, I tripped. I looked down and sitting on the floor was a teddy bear. It was the teddy bear that I received from my grandmother when I was 6 years old.  Being, 12 now, that was a long, long, long time ago.
I kicked the bear and proceeded to walk over to the window.
“That wasn’t very nice.”
I looked to my left and sitting on the desk was a gun. I picked the gun up. It was heavy. I could barely lift it. I held it with both hands and pointed to the voice that was coming from outside the window. I looked in the direction of the voice and could have sworn I saw some teeth and some lips. They were not frowning.  The gun was aimed by my fragile hands.  I was sweating. I was scared, but I knew this was what I had to do.  I shot the gun.
I woke up from a loud noise. It sounded like a gun shot. Was I dreaming? I looked around the room and saw my teddy bear on the floor. The one Grandma gave me for my birthday, yesterday.
Now how did he get down there, I thought speculatively to myself.
Ok Misha, let me know what you think. It is so much fun to write bad prose on purpose.  
And, for anyone stopping by who is not sure what’s going on here, I promise, this is not how I write.

You still have time to enter the challenge. Misha is excepting entries until the end of the month, or check out her blog for next months topic.