Tattoo Tuesday – Colette Saucier


I am very excited to welcome not only an award winning writer, but my new blog friend, Colette, to Tattoo Tuesday.

Cotette, here are your five questions.

1.     How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

I get my first tattoo right after my 27th birthday, although I had wanted to get one even longer. This was more years ago than I care to admit, and tattoos were not nearly so ubiquitous – especially on women. I wanted to give it some thought and think of something that would always be true for me.

2.     What made you want to get your first tattoo?
ohm namah shivaya inside of armI have seen so much beautiful body art, and, for those who get ink thoughtfully, it’s an incredible outlet for self-expression. When I got my first ink, there was no laser removal, no going back. For me, that is integrity – a commitment to one’s self.


3.     How many tattoos do you have? If only one, do you want more?

ohm on inside of ankleI have three: I have the ohm symbol on my inner ankle so I see it when I have my legs crossed as I meditate. On my inner left arm, I have “ohm namah shivaya” in Sankskrit. The meaning translates to “I bow to the divine within myself.” It is a reminder that I can always be a better person. On the back of my neck, I have a symbol based on the triskele that represents how my life and my marriage are moving forward.

I have seen some quite elaborate designs recently that I would love, but my time for that has probably passed. But I might get a cute little mushroom on my ankle some day.

4.     What is your tattoo story?  Tell me the most recent or your favorite.

triskele on neckRemember how I said I wanted to be sure to get a tattoo that would always be true about me? Well, I decided to get the symbol for my astrological sign – Cancer – because I knew that would never change. I had it done on the back of my neck so I could wear my hair down if I wanted to cover it and up if I wanted to show it off. Unfortunately, most people mistook it for “69”! So I was not getting the kind of reaction I would have wanted! Last year, I had it made over into the triskele, and I am extremely pleased with it.

5.  Tattoos on a significant other, like or dislike?  Why

I don’t like it when a guy is covered with tattoos or has sleeves, but of course I like them. Ink kind of runs in my family! My father and my brother both have tattoos, and my daughter and my husband got their first tattoos together (kind of a bonding experience for them!). All three of my daughters have multiple tattoos, and my husband and I got the same tattoo – “ohm namah shivaya” in Sankskrit – together as our commitment to being better partners to one another.


Colette Saucier is the bestselling author of Pulse and Prejudice, the paranormal adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic, which retells the story from Mr. Darcy’s point of view as a vampire.  Colette was selected “Debut Author of 2012” by Austenprose for her novel All My Tomorrows, which was also voted a Top 10 Romance Novel of 2012 (P&E Readers’ Choice). Her  romantic suspense, Alicia’s Possession, is scheduled for release in July.
She lives in South Louisiana with her two dogs and her inked husband.





Thanks so much Colette and congrats on your upcoming release.  If you would like to be featured in Tattoo Tuesday, please leave me your information in the comments. 

One thought on “Tattoo Tuesday – Colette Saucier

  1. Inner ankle and neck seem like such painful spots. Too close to bone for me, but they are beautiful tattoos and a good story. I like that she can see it whilst meditating.

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