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It is Insecure Writer’s Support Group time and it couldn’t come at a better time for me.  As always, I must thank the wonderful Alex Cavanaugh who has created this most safe and secure setting for us writers to vent our insecurities.

I am editing my first story.  I am subsequently having it critiqued by two very diligent CP’s.  I have to find about 12,000 words to add to my second novel in order to declare the first draft finished.  I have a really good outline for my third story and I am dreaming about it every night without prompting which is kind of cool.  I don’ t know if I should start writing now or wait for Nanowrimo.  With all that in the air, I am insecure and scared and frustrated and tired with occasional bouts of mania.

Will I ever get to the point where I feel like my life is clicking on all cylinders or is that something that only us writers can create for our characters?

I just want some steady, on tracking, moving forward type of progressive in my writing.  Stephen King writes 2,000 words per day.  That’s the kind of stability I want.

Anyone else ever feel like they wish they hadn’t started this whole writing thing. Now that I have started, I can’t stop, but I just wish it would be easier every once in a while.

This image makes me feel calm.


33 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group

  1. Yes yes yes, every single day!!!!! There must be easier career choices right? Where you are less stressed and will earn more money lol

    But then I get that itch to pick up a pen 😉

    I’m in exactly the same position! I’ve had my novel idea on the go since August, but was determined I wouldn’t start it until Nano. I’m desperate to get going, but, I’m also taking the time to plan a bit (something I’ve never done before) and have even written a couple of scenes in my notebook.

    I look on all these kinds of problems as my writing journey. It’s blooming hard, but, it’s part of the learning curve, part of my growth as a writer. I allow myself one day a month to whine and wallow, then, i pick myself up, dust myself down and get on with it.

    Stephen King is a man with an abundance of cash, he can afford (LITERALLY) to sit at his desk all day and do 2,000 words every time. Perhaps, one day, both you and I will be able to do the same 😉

    Keep going honey! We’re all rooting for you!


    1. Thanks Vikki. I am going to do Nano, I am 99% sure, but I just want to maintain that word count after the challenge. Then, I will feel stable. It all starts with the writing, once you got that down, everything else is gravy. Rooting for you, too.

  2. Emphatically, yes! I feel that way all the time.

    I get frustrated when I’m inspired – on a roll like yesterday – then the kids come home and I have to stop and help them with homework and cook supper, etc… instead of keep writing the words that are FINALLY flowing into my head.

    I wonder if I’ll ever get time to go back an edit my first two books when I can’t even find time to write #3. What if I DO get a publishing contract and then can’t find time to write and meet the deadlines. What if…What if… UGH!

    But I keep writing and not giving up. I love it too much.

  3. We can’t all be Stephen King.
    I learned that the hard way, when I stopped writing altogether because I could never be as good as he is! Then I realized that we all write in our own way. My stories are like no one else’s and only I can write them. When you begin to understand that your pace will be your own, and not like any other writer’s you might begin to find your own writing groove. Smaller word counts and smaller steps every day will build confidence and lead to bigger progress.
    That said, I started with five hundred words or so per day, and over several years I got faster. I have to admit that 2k words per day isn’t all the hard to achieve once you find your sweet spot. But you can’t do that right away.

    For Nano I had started my story back in June but I love it so much that I am going to keep writing it for Nano. I know, it’s against the rules, but my ML pointed out that if I only count the words I wrote in November I can be a Nano rebel and write this story. With November this close I don’t know if I would recommend that for you, but it’s something to think about.

    I love your avatar, by the way. It is very balanced and peaceful with the black on white. 🙂

    1. Yep, we can’t all be like Stephen King. I think I get that now. But, it sure would be nice. I like that idea of starting with a small word count. I have don’e Wrimo challenges in the past and have enjoyed getting in that rhythm, I just wish I could maintain it after the challenge is done.
      Thanks for the compliment on my avatar. I love it, too.

  4. For me, writing was never a choice… like eating or breathing, it’s what I do to survive. I’ve not gone down the route of having another career simply because it would have got in the way of writing – instead I’ve had jobs which pay the bills. And I’ve never managed a regular amount of words on a daily basis… which is why NaNo is such a big leap for me.

  5. I think you’re on the right track with starting some sort of daily word count. The BEST thing I ever did was decide to wake up before my kids in order to write some words before the craziness of life took over. It sets the tone for the rest of the day, and I can get through it without feeling scattered or guilty. Good luck with Nanowrimo, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Hi Jeannette. I love this idea and have tried it in the past, but I am just not a morning person. But, if I want it bad enough, I need to suck it up and figure it out, right? Thanks.

  6. I’ve had moments when I thought about quitting, but then I know I can’t. I’m glad for those people who can be steady, but I’ve never managed it. Too much real life getting in the way.

  7. I’m beginning to think nothing worth having is easy – and yes, I think about quitting, but like others have said, I can’t. I also try not to compare myself to others, especially such successful others such as Stephen King. I don’t pay attention to word count anymore. I just try to write every day, applaud myself when I do and don’t beat myself up when I don’t.

    1. Hi Karen. That is all I want. To get the point where I write every day. Then I can deal with the rest. Especially knowing how clear my head is and how I get that giddy feeling when I write even for 30 minutes. It’s like exercising. I always feel better after, but still can’t get my ass to the gym. haha.

  8. If it was easy, it wouldn’t feel as great when we do it well! Keep going! That’s all you can do! Thank you for your nice comment on Middle Passages!

  9. That is too funny! Yes, sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thinking. I don’t even remember signing up for all of this.
    Finish the one story and then go ahead and start the other one. I don’t think NaNo rules are that set in stone. You just have to do 50,000 in November.
    And thanks for being a faithful IWSG participant!

  10. I can’t do the 2k words a day thing, so for more flexibility I write 14k a week when i’m writing a first draft–which adds up to the same amount, but gives me more freedom. That way I get that stability feeling without getting upset at myself when I can’t write 2k certain days.

    1. Hi Lynda, my issue is that I don’t think it is unrealistic that is why I get down on my self for not just shutting up and doing it daily. Especially during June and August, I could knock out 2,000 words in a couple of hours. And, they actually made sense.

  11. Yes, but Mr. King does this for a living. We all do it on the side of our living. I don’t know if it will ever all click. We just have to keep going. What choice do we really have?

  12. Of course this is usual. We all experience this INSANITY every day. But we love it. This is our soul screaming to be heard through our prose. Life is not perfect … haven’t you noticed that most people DON’T have it all. Either it’s the great career and NO time to find that special person. OR, they have a wonderful relationship but their career is in hiatus. AND finally, there are other that are alone and in a dead end job, or worse, unemployed.

    This is life. Ups, down, and all arounds. It keeps us fighting. Never give up. Honestly, your muse won’t let you. YOu are an artist, creator, and you’re ruled by passion. Need I say more.

  13. It’s not how others write.. It’s how you write.. They’re all as insecure as you.. That’s what I keep thinking. I love this post and completely relate to it.. I only started dreaming I could write novels 2 years ago and about to do my 3rd nano. I’m up and down about if I’ll finish one but I will, in my own way, not following anyone elses pattern. Working out how I prefer to edit’s been the hardest part so far for me. Thanks for keeping us entertained and just do it, however you want to. There are no rules, the history pages of nano show you that.

  14. I can’t imagine not writing, so I don’t regret starting. It sounds to me like you are making great progress on your work. And you have to write at the pace that works for you. Good luck with Nano, if you choose to wait to start your third book.

  15. In my opinion, gosh, there are so many people out there who believe writing must be so easy and take little to no effort. They couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, I’ve read many many books where the author tells a great story in such a way that makes it seem like it sprung from her or his head fully formed, but I know it isn’t true. There’s so much work that went into what I just read–making sure characters have their own personalities, making sure there aren’t any holes in the plot, creating realistic dialogue, etc…

    Writing fiction is so scary to me just thinking about all that goes into weaving a story. I’m currently writing a memoir, which scares me a little less than writing fiction. I have the utmost respect for the work you’ve put in and he work you’re doing now. It is frustrating, scary, and rewarding all at once.

    I’m not at this level yet, but remember this–you are never alone. I’m just one of many who can relate to how you feel. We’re all in this together.

  16. Yes! It’s taking me forever, but I refuse to give up. Congrats on all your progress so far! I’m sure you’ll find your writing groove and it will get easier once you have one book fully completed. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway! 🙂

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