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 Look Challenge – thanks to Karen at Different Corners in My Life who tagged me in this challenge.  The rules are to find the word ‘look’ in my WIP and then post a few paragraphs around that word. This is from Ink: A Permanent Love Story. My MC, Emilynn, is moving to New York City after inheriting a lot of money from her father who recently passed away.  She has serious trust issues to deal with along with trying to reconcile how she feels about herself with how others see her. Not sure if you will get that from this passage, but it is kind of funny.  Oh, and, they are sitting in an airplane.

     This may be a strange thing to admit given my circumstances, but since I have determined that most guys are liars, my confidence when talking to them has risen.  Like the knowledge they are untrustworthy in general makes me more able to be myself.  It is a weird twist to my behavior that I have noticed, lately.  
     And, it seems guys that I have never been attracted to are the ones hitting on my.  I must be giving out some pitiful sad girl vibe that these type of guys are attracted to. Even this guy senses it.  
     “It is nice.” I said as I lean in and offer him my glass, “taste for yourself.” 
    “David.” We both turn to look across the aisle and there is the guys wife and kid.  And, the wife looked pist.  At me.  She needs to check her husband. 
     It could be a symptom of my new found wealth, as well.  I mean, lets face it, having a million dollars in the bank makes me walk a little taller.  Makes me talk with a bit more confidence.  Having money makes me hot.  

Read these Post

Sev shares with us 41 Things I’ve Learned in 41 years of life – #32, #33, & #35 are my favorite.  Happy birthday Sev. I know it sucked, but like you said, you have 364 more days to make this birthday mean something.
Falls Into Writing explains What Joss Whedon Teaches Us About Writing – As the Director and the Screenwriter of the greatest movie of the decade (so far) THE AVENGERS, his work has some great lessons for us to learn.
Jeff Goins penned this quote in a email recently and it rang true for me:  That discomfort you feel when you experience beauty, that ache you feel, is good. It means you aren’t finished yet. That there is still great work in you the world has yet to see. That there is an intention to your imagination.
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Inside K Phipps Warped Exotic Mind – Not a PG site. 
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Next Weeks Schedule
Tuesday – Tattoo Tuesday
Wednesday – Insecure Writer’s Support Group
Friday – Write Practice – I need to start practicing and The Write Practice has some fun prompts geared towards different parts of writing. I am going to post some of practice for the world to see. 
Sunday – My Weekly Update

One thought on “My Weekly Update – Look, Read & Follow

  1. “Having money makes me hot.” Yeah, I can see how it might. What a perfect little teaser!

    Thanks for the links. I like the sounds of “What Joss Whedon Teaches Us About Writing” — will definitely be checking it out.

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