Insecure Writer’s Support Group

It is Insecure Writer’s Support Group time and it couldn’t come at a better time for me.  As always, I must thank the wonderful Alex Cavanaugh who has created this most safe and secure setting for us writers to vent our insecurities.

I am editing my first story.  I am subsequently having it critiqued by two very diligent CP’s.  I have to find about 12,000 words to add to my second novel in order to declare the first draft finished.  I have a really good outline for my third story and I am dreaming about it every night without prompting which is kind of cool.  I don’ t know if I should start writing now or wait for Nanowrimo.  With all that in the air, I am insecure and scared and frustrated and tired with occasional bouts of mania.

Will I ever get to the point where I feel like my life is clicking on all cylinders or is that something that only us writers can create for our characters?

I just want some steady, on tracking, moving forward type of progressive in my writing.  Stephen King writes 2,000 words per day.  That’s the kind of stability I want.

Anyone else ever feel like they wish they hadn’t started this whole writing thing. Now that I have started, I can’t stop, but I just wish it would be easier every once in a while.

This image makes me feel calm.