My Weekly Update – Awards, Food and Sex

Blog Awards

This award is oh so Inspiring.  Thank you, Vikki at The View Outside.


This award is oh so Lovely.  Thank you, Kitt at The InnerWildKat.

Food & Sex

Writing about food and sex are so much fun.  Her are some great post on doing both well. Writing about them, I mean.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

You Are What You Write had a great post about The Importance of Food.

Angelica Dawson wrote a great guest post on Sex in Fiction.  She taught me how to reel in my sex scene a little.  I can get carried away sometimes. Again, with writing them.  😉

Chris Stocking wrote an interesting post called Let’s Get Vulgar, Shall we? It is always important to have some limits, right? Remember who your audience is.

New Follower who I am also nominating for these Inspiring and Lovely Awards.  
Brian B. King – talented writer
Jamie E. Rowett – great Bourne Legacy review
nyparrot – she loves to shop
Next Weeks Schedule
Monday – check to the left – Genre Favorites Blogfest by the mind of one of my favorites – Ninja Captain Alex 
Tuesday – Tattoo Tuesday
Friday – Blog Post
Sunday – My Weekly Update

Do you enjoy writing about food and sex? What about food with sex?  




7 thoughts on “My Weekly Update – Awards, Food and Sex

  1. I like writing about food, but I’ve not attempted the sex thing. In both my novels they’ve kind of shut the bedroom door lol. I really need to pull my finger out and PTA tice a sex scene if I’m gunna attempt a Mills & Boon lol.

    Sex and food? Hmmmmm…..that could work…alla 9 & 1/2 Weeks 😉


  2. Actually, yes…both are quite enjoyable. I haven’t really shared any of my sex writing on my blog though, except through poetry.

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