6 thoughts on “What would you do without one?

  1. I miss my job all the time, my co-workers, managers, clients I used to have, it definitely makes me feel really happy being part of a team. I’m hoping to get just as amazing of a job as the one I had before, I had to move far away from it, unfortunately.

    1. Hi Sarah, Sorry for the late reply, you comment was spammed. I don’t know why, it is a nice comment. 🙂 I would probably missed the people at my job, too. In my circumstance it is about misery loving company. I envy people who love their job.

  2. Ahaha! This one made my day! Thanks for posting. If I didn’t have to work (or worry about getting bills paid) I would totally be a full time writer and spend all day working on my craft, writing and editing my WiP. I love my job, but sometimes wish that I didn’t have to have one at all, if that makes sense.

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