Tattoo Tuesday – Featuring Kate Byrne

I am so excited to have our first tattoo tail on Tattoo Tuesday. I promise, I am done with the alliterations.  My first guest is Kate Byrne.  Here is how her beautiful back piece came about (That one was unintentional).





The first is a piece of Bahraini street art from early on in the Arab Spring. The Arabic in the corner roughly translates into “our weapons are but flowers”. You’ll see the English in the petals of the rose in picture two and the antique rifle barrel in picture three.

I went to my tattoo artist with two different ideas. I knew I wanted a book (books are an integral part of my life and being) and I knew I wanted Yggdrasil, the Norse tree of wisdom, but I didn’t know how or where. It was my artist’s idea to incorporate those two into the piece on my back.

One of my favorite things about the experience of getting tattoos is taking your ideas to an artist you trust and then watching him bring your ideas to life in art.
Thanks so much for sharing Kate. Beautiful tattoo.   Please visit Kate’s Blog at Waiting for that Rocket or follow her on Twitter at @burnsy06
Anyone else want to share their tattoo stories.  I would be happy to feature you on the next Tattoo Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Tattoo Tuesday – Featuring Kate Byrne

    1. Thanks! I’m about six hours into it as of my last sitting. I’m going to have to have follow up with Sydney as soon as it’s actually finished so you can see the final product. There’s more shading and detailing to be done.

      I don’t have a lot of artistic talent outside of wordsmithing, so I like to offer myself up as a canvas to those who do. 🙂

      1. Ugh. This is why we proof-read people.

        Please feel free to take any and all extraneous words out of that reply.

      2. Kate, defininetly send me the photos when it is finished. I have a big piece that will also be a cover up that i am planning for next summer. I can’t wait. It is amazing what a good tattoo artist can do.

    1. The first I tattoo I got was … ill advised. What’s awesome is that there are some absolutely insane tattoo artists out there who can do an awesome job covering/masking/touching up what already exists and make it into something absolutely incredible that really fits what you want.

  1. They look so good:) I have on small tattoo and it hurt. I can only imagine how much these must have hurt too.

    1. I think the smaller ones hurt more. When you get a big tattoo about 30 minutes in you kind of go numb to it. Also depends where it is on your body. T.F, you want to share your ink and story, let me know.

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