My Weekly Update – Schedules, Snakes & Star Wars

One week off the A to Z Challenge and I found myself with no more structure and to many ideas in my head.  I thought I would give you my quick hits for the week and then start fresh next week with my new blogging  – – – –


Monday – Main Blog post

Tuesday – Movie Quotes

Wednesday – Book Quotes

Friday – Main Blog Post

Sunday – Weekly Wrap up

* I will try this schedule for the rest of May.  With JuNoWriMo starting next month, it is bound to change.  Bear with me, I am still new to the blogging/writing life.


At the Academy, we had a snake in the bathroom.  I am not messing with you.  We really had a snake in the bathroom.  A king cobra.  Really.  I’m not lying.  We had a kind cobra snake in the bathroom.  How’s that for a friendly work environment?

They are doing a lot of construction near our building.  All the little critters are looking for new homes and Mr. King Cobra thought the men’s bathroom at the Academy would be a perfect summer home.

But, I learned something this week.  How the Chinese get rid of snakes? According to my staff, there are several options:

  1. Drive the snake away by putting sulfur in the toilet and around the building.  Apparently, you can pick up sulfur at your local grocery store.
  2. Poison the snake by putting your normal household cleaning products in the toilet.  Again, apparently you can pick this up at your local grocery store.
  3. I am not sure what this does, but grab the snake by the tail and swing it around your head really fast.  This is from the military guy on our staff.   Apparently, this is how the Chinese military deal with their snake problems.

A couple days after the first and second snake sighting, one of our clients was leaving the Academy and saw the snake on the cart path behind the building.  Now, everyone has declared the snake gone. What? Apparently, they are assured that it is the same one.

Still not using the bathroom in this place. 

Star Wars

Yesterday was “Star Wars Day”.  I have been a huge fan for years and never knew there was a “Star Wars Day”.  “May the 4th be with you!” Get it. How did I celebrate?  I watch Episode IV. I typically share any and all Star Wars references I see.  So, every day could be “Star Wars Day” in my world.

Blog Love

Finally, I wanted start sharing blogs that I love and subscribe to.  I can’t wait for their posts to hit my in box every day.  I hope you enjoy them, too.

  1. Cowbell – Jenny Hansen is funny.
  2. The Masquerade Crew – each crew member contributes great stuff.
  3. My Gypsy Soul – Ana Riley has things to say.
  4. the. ego. tripper. – Good travel and photos with great sense of humor and a huge ego.
  5. Geektroverted – Andii is helping me accept my inner geek.

I have started a list on twitter as well, please subscribe.

3 thoughts on “My Weekly Update – Schedules, Snakes & Star Wars

  1. A COBRA in the bathroom? *shudder* I wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom there either! When my dad was younger, he’d grab the snake by the tail, swing it around his head, then snap the neck. He’s terrified of snakes now. Thinking they’ll get him back, perhaps? Lol

  2. Snakes? Eeeesh. I really hate snakes, so I’d be staying away from the entire building. Forever.

    Every day should be Star Wars day! Not just May the 4th (be with you). We should redo the calendar to Star Wars themed days instead of Monday, Tuesday, etc. Those are so last century.

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