Sign Me Up for The Next One

This is how I felt after completing the challenge.

I really enjoyed the A to Z Challenge.  It was the first writing challenge of any kind that I participated in and it taught me a lot about myself and how I write.

Top 5 things I learned from doing the challenge:

  1. I learned that I must have some sort of emotional reaction to what I am writing about in order to write it well.  I can love it or hate it.  Something. Anything.  When I take the emotion out of it, it just isn’t as good.  Probably why I hated writing term papers in school.  My theme was on Australia.  I adhered to this theme for the most part.  I had a couple of deviations because I wasn’t feeling the topic I previously picked and a couple that were a bit of a stretch from the theme, but for the most part, I adhered to the theme throughout.
  2. I learned how to use the features of WordPress better.  The schedule a post feature was a big help.  I was able to schedule a couple of posts ahead of time when I knew I would be busy or when I was traveling.
  3. I learned that there was I lot I could learn from other bloggers.  I visited about 500 different sites during the challenge and was able to see what I liked on others people’s blogs and what I didn’t like. From how a blog looked, to what the post looked like and how the photos were used, I paid attention on what blogs made me want to stay or come back and which ones made me click the next button.  I go a lot of great examples of what I liked and few examples of what I didn’t like.
  4. I learned that I enjoy being a part of the A to Z challenge group.  Writing can be a pretty isolating endeavor.  It is nice to be a part of like-minded individuals with a single goal in mind. Not like a cult, more like a play group.
  5. I learned that finishing the challenge was a motivation for me.  Finishing anything motivates me.  I have much more confidence about my writing now and I actually am pretty funny;)

I am excited about the next challenge and will definitely participate in the A to Z challenge again next time.

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18 thoughts on “Sign Me Up for The Next One

  1. Congratulations -I think just getting to Z was an achievement but you did so much more….500 blogs! Wow, I’m impressed, and to use that as an opportunity to reflect on blog presentation as well.

  2. Realizing that you write better when you are passionate about a topic is beneficial to keep in mind. Writing about subjects that you have no interest in whatsoever can cause you to be quite boring, so doing the opposite is just what makes blogging enjoyable and keeps it that way 🙂

    I like the golf photo that you posted for your reflections. It’s so cute and represents a champion! Congrats on completing the challenge with new insight on your writing style, more familiarity with your blogging platform (WordPress), confidence in your work and motivation for being able to finish such a huge task.

    Blog: The Madlab Post
    @MadlabPost on Twitter

    1. Thank Nicole. I love the photo,too. This kid is one of my juniors at the golf academy and he is so motivated to be the best golf he can be at such a young age. I wish I had found my passion at that age.

  3. A great post on your A-Z experience and I loved the line, “Not like a cult, more like a play group.” Ha ha.
    Also enjoyed your post about the late great MCA. I’ve always been a massive fun of The Beastie Boys from the beginning (still have them all on vinyl!) and that was a fitting tribute. 🙂

  4. Way to go finishing the challenge Sydney, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I’m sorry we didn’t meet during the challenge, I feel badly that so many great bloggers out there that I just didn’t get to meet.
    Congrats on your Versatile Blogger Award! Getting awards is so much fun….

  5. I didn’t think about it until you said it, but I also liked blogging with others. It make me feel like part of a larger community, something I frequently think about and sometimes write about on my blog.

    1. Living in China I am always trying to find ways to stay connect to basically life outside of China. This community is so generous and so supportive. It has been nice.

    1. Thanks Jeremy. I had a blast on the challenge. Thanks to you and the team for being such great hosts. And, the badges were really cool. I used it as my desk wallpaper during the challenge as well to stay focused.

  6. I am just as happy to be a part of this community – great topic you had for the Challenge. These challenges are a great way to learn all your features. Hope to see you in the next year A – Z!!

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